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An oxygen-ion battery has been invented with significant advantages over existing technology


Experts from the Vienna University of Technology have invented an oxygen-ion battery based on ceramic materials. However, in its current form, it will only be an ideal option for large energy storage devices.

what is known

In addition to an extremely long service life, it does not need expensive rare earth elements and is non-flammable.

Ceramic materials used by scientists absorb and emit twice as many negatively charged oxygen ions. Under the influence of voltage, oxygen ions pass from one ceramic material to another, and then return, thereby creating an electric current.

The basic principle is actually very similar to lithium-ion batteries. But our material has significant advantages. In addition to the previously mentioned fire resistance and absence of rare elements, ceramic is easy to manufacture, so battery components can be replaced relatively easily in case of wear,
– Says Professor Jürgen Flyg.

The prototype battery is made of lanthanum, one of the most common rare earth metals, but can be replaced with something cheaper and more accessible. And the cobalt and nickel used in the manufacture of many other types of batteries are never used in oxygen-ion batteries.

the main one The advantage of the oxygen ion element is the possibility of regeneration. If oxygen does not enter due to side reactions, its loss is easily compensated by the oxygen in the surrounding air.

If you are filling an entire building with storage modules, the low energy density and high operating temperature will not play a critical role. But the advantages of our battery will be very significant: long service life, the possibility of mass production of batteries without rare elements, no fire hazard,
– explained Alexander Schmid, one of the researchers.

The developers, together with partners in Spain, have already filed a patent application. They don’t say when the technology will hit the market.

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