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What to do if the smartphone battery is not fully charged?

Problems with the charger

  • Charger malfunction. The cause of both simple slow charging and incomplete charging can be an ordinary bend in the cable, a broken power supply, a strong blow that caused a small wire to come out, etc. Check your charger and cable. If damage is found, it is likely that the cause is in them. Although everything seems normal, it is useful to check your mobile device with a different charger. In this case, you need to choose similar properties.
  • Wrong charge. The incompatibility of the charger or cable with the phone may be due to the fact that different brands of devices are connected to different voltage and current resistances. This difference may be sufficient for the fee to be incomplete. The features of the charger can be seen on the charger itself, but it is best to choose the one sold by the smartphone manufacturer.
  • Connector error. The connector for charging the smartphone can break or be excessively clogged, this significantly worsens the process of charging the battery. It is recommended to check and fix it only in the service center, since attempts to independently climb into the connector can permanently break it.

Battery problems

  • Battery aging. Each battery has a certain resource – a certain number of charge-discharge cycles, after which it begins to deteriorate rapidly. Usually this limit is exceeded after 2-3 years, but many smartphones show deterioration in battery performance after only one year. Gradually the battery capacity decreases and the resistance increases. As a result, the device charges slower and lasts longer, discharges faster and holds a charge worse. Replacing the battery only at a service center will help here.
  • Power controller error. The charging process on the phone is controlled by a small chip. Many problems can occur when it fails and incomplete charging is one of them. As in the previous case, the smartphone can only be “cured” in the service center.
  • Wetting the battery. In this case, the phone can charge up to 1%, as well as up to 3%, 20%, 70% and 99% depending on the damage level.
  • Broken separator. In this case, the smartphone will also stop charging depending on the degree of damage – 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% etc.

Software issues

  • big load. If you are using a weak charger and the smartphone itself is not capable of fast charging, but at the same time you are using demanding programs just in the process, they can “eat” the charge faster than you can replenish it. It is better to leave your device on the ground until it runs out of charge.

Charging issue may be hidden by Unsplash in software/Photo

  • Faults in the operating system. Viruses, various malicious programs, third-party applications and low-quality pirated firmware can disrupt the charging process at their discretion. Even a new phone with such “bonuses” can work with interruptions. Factory reset can help, if not – contact the service center.
  • Charge lock. Special battery care programs may disconnect the phone from charging when it reaches a certain battery threshold such as 75%, 80% or 85%.
  • Wrong temperature mode. Modern lithium batteries used in smartphones can work well only at a certain temperature regime. It ranges from 2 to 45 degrees Celsius. At a lower temperature, the battery will most likely not charge more than a few percent, at too high a temperature the device may be disconnected from the charger.

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