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Samsung may launch a triple-folding smartphone

Samsung wasn’t the first company to introduce a foldable smartphone, it certainly made them popular. In 2019, the Korean tech giant launched the Galaxy Fold, one of the first big players to catch the trend. While not many companies have yet entered this unconventional smartphone category, Samsung is reportedly taking it to the next level with a triple-decker device that could launch later this year.

According to a recent tweet from popular whistleblower Yogesh Brar, Samsung may launch a triple-folding smartphone in 2022 alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. However, given that there have been rumors of a triple phone from Samsung in the past that turned out to be false, this information should be treated with some skepticism.

Since 2020, Samsung has been talking about developing a triple-folding smartphone. At that time, the company demonstrated the technology for the first time and applied for a patent. Also at this year’s MWC, the brand showcased the triple-fold smartphone concept as well as other unusual phone designs.

The patent showed that the device will have not one but two loops. With a hinge that lets you fold in and another hinge that lets you fold out, the phone takes a Z shape when partially folded. The interesting thing about this design is that the swing-out hinge will allow part of the screen to be used as a smartphone screen, eliminating the need for a separate screen for the phone panel.

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