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Xiaomi introduced an inexpensive 58” 4K smart TV under the Redmi brand

"Smart TV" received a 4K matrix with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Due to the narrow bezel, the screen occupies approximately...

Honor Magic 4 Lite comes to Spain: up to the refresh rate and with the help of Google

Honor is pretty active on releases. Three days ago the inexpensive Honor X8 arrived with a Qualcomm processor and pretty decent...

Elon Musk decided to implement the project that others abandoned: what will happen

As you know, the Boring Company specializes in tunneling and has already built one near Las Vegas. Therefore, such a task will not...

The collapse of the examination system: Russia issues a patent for a constantly moving machine

According to the sources, the patent for the design of the perpetual motion machine was issued in August 2020. It is not clear...

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