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LG’s new 4K LED projector seeks to replace large TVs up to 120 inches with HDR and integrated webOS platform No comment

When setting up a home theater projectors They remain a great option and moreover, portable models available to us in compact format increased installation flexibility and smart features This is the state of the latest model announced. LG Belonging to and under the name of the CineBeam line PU700RA team that wanted to compete directly with the Samsung Freestyle, which we tested at the time and left us with a good feeling, but with improved specifications compared to the Samsung model.

LG PU700R, technical specifications


team type

compact portable projector

projection system

Data Loss Prevention


4K with HDR

Source of light

LEDs up to 30,000 hours

light power

1,000 lumens



smart platform



HDMI 2.1, USB, AirPlay, Bluetooth




With a cylindrical, compact appearance in shades of white and a rotating support at the bottom, the LG projector resembles a projector of a kind. miniature spotlight that we can direct the beam of light where we need it.

It is a model based on DLP technology and Native 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution with HDR supportability to create screens 60 to 120 inches.

We find one in LED light source It has a remarkable shine for being such a compact model, because according to the manufacturer 1,000 lumens and has an average lamp life of 30,000 hours, which doesn’t force us to be stingy with its ignition.


Its versatility is also notable when it comes to installation, because rotate focus 90 degrees and an automatic lens adjustment system that corrects the position to get the best possible focus.

Also, this base additional LED lighting system which changes color depending on certain selectable parameters, thus creating a kind of ambient light in the back area of ​​the room.


Contrast remains at some surprising levels 150,000:1 and one of the advantages of the equipment is that it comes with it. integrated webOS platform (They did not confirm which version) With direct access to streaming services such as Netflix, Dsiney+, Amazon Prime.

lg project

Also …. have AirPlay 2 and Android Screen Sharing to send content directly from mobile phones, bluetooth audio modest for connecting wireless speakers or headphones integrated 5 watt speaker and HDMI 2.1 connection.

Price and availability

The new LG PU700R projector is officially available in the United States for a starting price of £200. $1,699but its arrival in Europe has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

Pictures | LG

More info | LG

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