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Elesky and hate on the internet

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After thinking about all the possible features and functions we want in our next project smart television Finally we buy a particular model, install it, turn it on and everything will be ready to start enjoying it… but no. If we want something else is missing Get the best picture and sound quality: someone has to do it set the tv.

Although default parameters may need to be adjusted, a professional calibration may not be necessary. adapt the screen to our room and by choosing the best display mode according to the type of content we play, changing some parameters and disabling certain functions.

It sounds nice and looks easy, but the truth is many inexperienced users get lost With a huge variety of options, they end up not choosing the best ones or daring to touch anything directly. Couldn’t there be another option?

Leave the burden of calibration to the creator, not the user

The trend in recent years gives rise to the responsibility of adjusting the main image parameters from end users to creators content. In fact, manufacturers seem to have realized that the user wants the best image (and sound) quality. without having to touch dozens of parameters If we are not experts on the subject, it is often difficult to understand.

Therefore, throughout 2018 and 2019, we saw various approaches that tried to make our lives easier by offering various solutions to the problem. factory-optimized calibrations and even with suggestions from the creator of each content.

sets smart tv

An example was found on Netflix and in custom calibration mode for the streaming service: shut down a significant portion of additional processing televisions to avoid the soap opera effect and excessive color saturation or distortion caused by increasing sharpness.

Another example showed us LG A few years ago, when it announced that its televisions would support this technology from 2020 Automatic activation of Filmmaker Mode anyone Filmmaker mode Streaming content from Amazon Prime Video.

In both cases the idea is the same: automate the tuning process taking advantage of added metadata It is provided by the creators of the content in the videos and by sensors on the screen that allow adjusting certain parameters, such as the TV’s backlight.

The latest to join this trend sonyAt a special demonstration for FlatpanelsHD media in Tokyo, he demonstrated automatic configuration possibilities via Bravia Core, the video streaming service for the manufacturer’s televisions.

According to demo participants, when playing a movie with certain settings metadata sent along with the video information, the Bravia Core app was able to: define the content type and set certain parameters image properties such as contrast.

Bravia Core

These automatic adjustments can be: later modified by user If you wish, as stated during the event, the manufacturer’s goal is not to take control of the screen and impose the settings on the user. But if these metadata are chosen well, they can represent the before and after when it comes to improving user-perceived image quality.

If we add to this the possibility Televisions detect environmental factors viewing options through different sensors (such as cameras), such as the lighting of the room, the viewing distance at which the user is located, and even the position of the viewers relative to the TV. automatic image adjustment (and sound) have a promising future, which prevents us from worrying about changing modes and parameters manually.

Cover image | A still from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”

In Xataka Smart Home | The first two things I disable when using a new smart TV to have the best possible picture quality

Source: Xatak Android


Elesky and hate on the internet

I think it's appropriate to start this news by...

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