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Years ago I was at a friend’s house and he turned on the TV and as soon as it was turned on I was amazed by some lights coming out from behind and reflecting on the screen. My curious mind didn’t hesitate for a moment and I asked him what it was. He told me it was the Ambilight system. Specific to Philips TVs and this caused the lights to change depending on what was on the screen or what was heard.

From that moment it was clear to me and I knew my next TV would be one of them. After a few months my old Samsung TV “died” and then I remembered rear LED lights from my friend’s TV. I was clear about this and started looking for a replacement for my old TV after my daughter broke the screen with a toy.


After digging through my budget (which wasn’t much), I came up with this: Philips 50PUS7855 It’s on sale at El Corte Inglés for just over 500 euros, and the experience of watching TV at home has never been the same for me from the moment I bought it. I used to be able to easily fall asleep while watching any episode of a series, but now the Ambilight system allows me to be completely immersed in the scene (hence a completely immersive lighting system) and I can endure entire episodes and movies.

I also think it is a system that makes watching television in the living room very enjoyable. Even though this TV I bought a few years ago has been discontinued, you can find many Philips TVs on the market that come with Ambilight, and below I’ll show you some of them (from each series). , like that Discounted on Black FridaySo you can enjoy this cinema experience at home.

Philips PUS8118|50: One of the cheapest TVs with Ambilight

Philips PUS8118|50

It’s one of the cheapest Philips television models with Ambilight that we found on Amazon’s Black Friday. While its normal price is 649 euros, it is now sold for 377.10 euros. 271.90 Euro discount with your purchase.

With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, you’ll enjoy a fully immersive experience at home. It is HDR10+ compatible and its panel is LED type. 4K Ultra HD resolution. Note that it also integrates Alexa, so you can control it by voice.

Philips 4K LED Smart Ambilight TV|PUS8118|50 Inch|UHD 4K

Philips 4K LED Smart Ambilight TV|PUS8118|50 Inch|UHD 4K

Today on Amazon — 377.10 € PcComponents ES — 399.99


Amazon (“Like New” Condition) — 375.21

Philips 50PUS8818/12: The best TV with Ambilight in terms of quality and price

Philips PUS8818|50

This mid-range Philips 50PUS8818/12 is a very good option to enjoy Ambilight at home. Its recommended price is 999 euros, but it is now on sale on Amazon during Black Friday for 569 euros, thus hitting its target. 430 euro discount.

It is a television that mounts a 50 inch diagonal LED panel and offers the following features. 4K Ultra HD resolution. The operating system it comes with is Google TV and its speakers offer 40W power. As for connections, there are four HDMI 2.1 inputs, Ethernet, two USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Philips 4K Ultra HD Ambilight TV|PUS8818|50 Inch|UHD 4K

Philips 4K Ultra HD Ambilight TV|PUS8818|50 Inch|UHD 4K

Today on Amazon — 569.00 € Electrom — 594.90 € El Corte Inglés ES — 599.00 € PcComponents ES — 999.00

Philips 65OLED818: An ultimate Smart TV with Ambilight

Philips 65OLED818

It’s already higher quality, but we found this model at an all-time low price at PcComponentes during Black Friday Philips 65OLED818It is offered for sale at a price of 1,599 euros compared to the official price of 2,499 euros. You can also get it on Amazon for the same price.

This television has a 65-inch OLED panel that offers 4K resolution and is compatible with formats such as HDR10+. Regarding sound, Dolby Atmos quality and 40W power. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and the operating system it comes with is Google TV.

Philips Ambilight OLED808 164 cm (65 Inch) Smart 4K OLED TV

Philips Ambilight OLED808 164 cm (65 Inch) Smart 4K OLED TV

PVP in PcComponentes ES — 1,599.00 € Amazon — 1,599.00 € Electrom — 1,685.00

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