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As you know, in a few days all national DTT channels will start broadcasting exclusively in HD, which means that standard definition versions of the channel grid will disappear. This “blackout” is scheduled for next February 14th. Reset our DTT To display all channels correctly.

Before this date RTVE had planned to eliminate SD and just keep your chains in HD definition. The plan was to do this in the early hours of February 5-6. However, due to the problem with Cellnex, the telecommunications infrastructure operator hired by RTVE, this date was postponed indefinitely.

The closure of RTVE’s SD channels is still ongoing

According to Mundoplus.tv’s statement, the planned date for stopping standard quality broadcasts of RTVE channels would be postponed to today, February 7, at 12:00 Spanish time. But, In the end, that wasn’t the case.. As Cellnex points out, this did not happen because “the scenario was not yet favorable” and the plan was postponed to “guarantee proper rollout”.


Cellnex’s operations include broadcasting radio and television signals; provides services to RNE for radio broadcasts in all autonomous communities and all other RTVE television channels, including La 1, La 2, Canal 24hour, Clan and Teledeporte.

In addition to ending broadcasting in standard quality, RTVE also acquired the private broadcasting channel La 1 UHD. All channel programming in 4K quality UHD. This is a big advance because broadcasts in that decision were reserved only for special occasions, such as the 2022 World Cup in Qatar or the Women’s World Cup. Now, if you have a 4K resolution television, you can turn on your DTT and enjoy La 1 broadcasts in that resolution.

At least to play channels in HD A display with HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels) and a decoder supporting said resolution. The majority of televisions installed in homes in Spain today exceed these specifications. In fact, according to the Ministry, more than 98% of televisions in Spain already comply with these requirements.

However, if your television is not compatible with these broadcasts, we have already talked to you about all the alternatives you have, from Xataka Smart Home, by purchasing a new tuner to search for a new channel or by purchasing a new channel. new television that meets these conditions.

at Xataka Smart Home | These are OCU’s recommendations and alternatives to overcome DTT outage and continue watching all TV channels.

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