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The DTT outage is coming and will happen on February 14th. If you are still looking for an HD tuner or a new Smart TV, you can consider this Jazztel offer. Especially, 32 inch Xiaomi A2 television is given as a gift.

How to get the 32-inch Xiaomi A2 Smart TV absolutely free?

Xiaomi TV A2 32"

This is a Flash Offer (only valid until next February 12th) and is for: new customers who want portability Either combined with 1Gbps fiber and mobile.

Especially, two rates This Xiaomi TV A2 Smart TV includes as a gift (they also send it to you for free):

  • 1 Gb fiber + Landline + 1 60 GB 5G mobile line
  • 1 Gb fiber + Landline + 2 shared 50 GB 5G mobile lines (25 each)

The permanence of this rate reduction with a free Smart TV goes beyond what’s typical 12 months to 24 months. Moreover, conditions Some of these rates are:

  • Landline offering unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles
  • 1Gb symmetric fiber
  • Router is included in the price and installation if you are up to the permanence
  • 5G on mobile devices
  • Collect and share shows month by month (in case of two mobile lines)
  • Possibility to add Jazztel TV for 4.95 Euros per month
  • Possibility of adding additional lines: 25 GB for 8 Euros and 60 GB for 12 Euros

“It is important to tick the box” if you want to gift Xiaomi Smart TV when making the tariff contractGet this Xiaomi TV A2 32 for free”, as we show in the screenshot. If you do not do this, you may face a DTT outage and you will not be able to buy this television, but your stay will not be extended.

Promotional Jazztel Smart TV Xiaomi

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Pictures | Jazztel and Xiaomi

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