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Israeli missiles hit a facility in Iranreported ABC News...

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Along with all the Smart TVs we can find in the West, Asian companies also offer a wide arsenal of televisions that have yet to land in this region. And although companies such as Xiaomi, TCL or Hisense among others have a good catalog of Smart TVs sold in Spain, There are TVs released only in China and has great features in other parts of Asia as well.

In this article, we wanted to compile a list of some of them. The most exclusive televisions launched in China and that they had not yet landed in Spain. In this list we will find televisions of all types, including innovative technologies such as MicroLED and even Smart TVs of gigantic sizes.

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  • TCL X11H

  • TCL X11H Max.

  • Xiaomi TV S Pro

  • Xiaomi Redmi TVs

  • Xiaomi TV A Pro

  • Hisense Wall TV R8

  • Vidda New X

  • OnePlus TV Q1


Tcl 1

Image: TCL

It was recently introduced in China and is the flagship in the company’s catalog of televisions with MiniLED technology. Announcing the Smart TV series for 2024 at the CES fair, the company also gave clues about all the features this television will include.

A premium design with a huge panel and virtually no borders, available in 85- and 98-inch models. These are the keys to the X11H, which is available in China and which the company intends to release in the West under the name ‘X965’. There is 4K resolution, VA type panel and 144 Hz refresh rate. It also has up to 14,112 zones FALD backlighting and a maximum brightness of 6,500 nits.

Minimum thickness of approximately 21 mm and 4.2.2 80W systemThis television wants to conquer all home cinema enthusiasts. The price is not yet known, but it is clear that when it reaches Europe, it will be one of the most extraordinary models to consider.

TCL X11H Max.

Tcl 2

Image: TCL

This TCL television is at a much higher level than its little brother and has almost fantastic features. And X11H Max introduced in China A panel with a size of 163 inches and MicroLED technology. Following the prototype presented at CES, TCL turned it into a real product in China for the exorbitant price of 799,999 yuan (just over 102,000 euros depending on the exchange rate).

It’s not the first manufacturer to launch such crazy TVs for specific markets. Samsung has already achieved this with its 110-inch MicroLED, and LG with its 136-inch Magnit model. However, TCL went one step further with this model specific to China, Up to 10,000 nits maximum brightness and integrated 6.2.2-channel audio system. It’s basically like having a cinema in your home.

Despite its massive size, the X11H Max still has 4K resolution and is apparently capable of producing up to 22-bit color depth, which exceeds the theoretical limit of many of the most advanced HDR formats. Several small display modules are required to assemble this television, and thanks to MicroLED technology, it has the ability to reproduce scenes with pure blacks, just like OLED.

Xiaomi TV S Pro


Image: Xiaomi

Despite all the televisions that Xiaomi sells in Spain, it has a much wider catalog in China, offering both premium models and much more affordable models compared to our country. One of the most striking is this TV S Pro with MiniLED technologyIt’s a technology that hasn’t yet reached the TVs the manufacturer sells in Spain.

Xiaomi TV S Pro has arrived in China with 65, 75, 85 and 100 inch models. It has a 4K panel, MiniLED technology and a maximum brightness delivery of approximately 2,000 nits. In addition, the panel can reach a variable refresh rate of 144 Hz thanks to HDMI 2.1 ports and integrated VRR technology.

These TVs start at 4,699 Yuan (about 606 euros to change) in the 65-inch model. Xiaomi has invested rather cautiously in the West with its televisions. In fact, the most complete and advanced model the company has in Spain is the 75-inch Q1 with quantum dot technology; this is something that has been left far behind by many other manufacturers. Therefore, we expect Xiaomi to bring some special models from China to our region this year.

Xiaomi Redmi TVs


Image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s A series are the most affordable televisions the company markets in Spain. They have models ranging from 32 to 55 inches and offer Android TV and traditional LCD panels. But, There is Redmi series in ChinaLike mobile devices, at much more competitive prices.

In July last year, we could also see how the company launched the Redmi A32, A43 and A65 models in China with a name that refers to the panel size. these televisions They started from 72.50 euros with the exchange rateand these are the cheapest televisions offered by the company in China.

Although Xiaomi has always been associated with products with excellent quality/price ratio, these Redmi televisions can be very attractive to those who want to buy a Smart TV with basic functions for their living rooms and bedrooms.

Xiaomi TV A Pro

Xiaomi 2

Image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi TV A Pro, which went on sale in China in October 2023, struck a good balance between performance and price. It came in the following models: Up to 85 inches and 120 Hz refresh rateWith 4K panel.

The 85-inch model is exclusively available in China for around CNY 5,999 (approx. 774 euros to change approximately). It can be one of the cheapest televisions with which you can enjoy video games on a huge screen. The cuts are due to the panel technology, which is a conventional LCD and audio system up to 20 W.

This TV is proof that it can be marketed big inch televisions and low cost featuresSo this could be a great addition to Xiaomi’s Smart TV catalog in Spain. However, we do not know any news about its arrival in Europe.

Hisense Wall TV R8

Hisense Wall TV R8

Image: Hisense

TCL and Hisense may be the Chinese manufacturers with the largest Smart TV catalog in Spain. However, it is also worth highlighting other special models from China that are not yet sold in our country. One of these examples is Mural TV R8. reminds you of a certain series of Samsung televisions.

The television is at the highest level in terms of aesthetics with its slim body and wall fixing system. simulate the existence of a huge table 65 or 75 inches. Came to China with ULED

4K resolution television will be available in November 2023 for 9,999 Yuan (approximately 1,287 euros at the exchange rate) in the 65-inch version. We don’t know yet if it will come to Europe, but considering Samsung is the only company daring to release TVs like The Frame, this could be the competition it needs.

Vidda New X


Image: Vidda

Hisense has another Smart TV division in China called ‘vidda’ (a name very similar to VIDAA, the operating system found on the vast majority of its TVs), which is exclusive to that country. Vidda launched in October 2023 Gaming TV up to 85 inches size, 4K and 144 Hz refresh rate: Vidda New X.

Despite appearances, the prices were really affordable; It started from 2,599 Yuan (about 334 euro to change). In addition to these features, this television has a motion compensation system that allows images up to 240 Hz. It also has Dolby Vision, Atmos compatible and sound system up to 61 W, NFC, USB 3.0. and HDMI 2.1 ports.

A gaming television with these features and at this price is something that can be seen in very few places. It’s a shame we don’t know anything about a possible launch in Europe.

OnePlus TV Q1

one plus

Image: OnePlus

Apart from its mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches and even PC keyboards, OnePlus has also entered the Smart TV world in Asia. Particularly in China, they launched the OnePlus TV Q1 in 2019, which is a 55-inch QLED television with 4K resolution and Android TV as the operating system.

Apparently things didn’t go so well in markets like India as the manufacturer, along with Realme, gave up on producing new televisions in that country after this model. The specs of this TV are very similar to those we’ve seen on models like the Xiaomi TV Q2, although it has a slightly odd and ‘very OnePlus’ design.

At the moment, we do not know whether OnePlus will dare to launch TVs in Spain as well. If so, it is certainly having a very difficult time due to offerings from too many other manufacturers, but it will be interesting to see how the firm develops in Europe.

Cover image | Xiaomi

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Israeli missiles hit target in Iran: ABC News

Israeli missiles hit a facility in Iranreported ABC News...

US vetoes Palestinian accession to UN

This Thursday, the US Security Council vetoed a resolution...


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