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In addition to looking for the best picture and sound quality when buying a new TV, working in perfect condition for as long as possible because they usually have a significant cost that must be amortized.

But as with almost all electronic products, durability is not guaranteed and is of course not a problem. Information usually provided by manufacturersThey are limited to offering the official warranty established by law but do not provide further details about possible problems or defects in their equipment.

In this regard, there is a well-known portal Rtings, specializing in the analysis of electronic equipment. quality test A research that started a long time ago with the aim of developing different display technologies and checking whether the famous retention and burn-in properties of OLED models are real.

They expanded this test to validate it last year. Real durability of over 100 TVs With different brands, models and different panel technologies, Including LCDs Most of us thought we were free of these problems. Is it really like this?

Problems with LCD televisions

Testing has been progressing over time, and it appears that not only OLED televisions suffer from these potential image burn-in situations, but also LCDs also have this problem when exposed to a situation heavy use It consists of pixels.

This is a preview of what they tested on the portal. Unreal usage that pushes the potential of displaysyeah, since they’re on them 20 hours a day and with maximum brightnessSomething that would not happen in almost any home in real life.

This makes wears out much faster than normal burning, banding, discoloration in some areas, etc. earlier emergence of possible problems. Those actually responsible for the testing They assumed burn-in would occur in OLED models While this was a high value, they did not expect something similar to happen with LCDs.

LCD Defects

Image: Rtingler

The goal is to perform this test over a period of time. two years (I already have about one) and expiration time is about 12,000 hours. As for the results, we can see on this website how different models behave and what unexpected surprises happen when it comes to LCDs.

They published a list 80 LCD models Analyzing each telepattern to determine whether it is currently defect-free determines whether it currently presents slight problems that are only detected during the reproduction of patterns or if the defects are significant enough to be visible to the naked eye.

Currently, after about half the testing period, they have found that some televisions (less than half) begin to experience slight distortions similar to retention in the honeycombs. faded bands or areas where colors change completely towards blue or pink tones.

Teles Defects

Image: Rings

These are such problems Can’t be solved by changing settings of television, and it seems like it’s here to stay and progressive. Are the cheapest TVs the most affected? Well, it depends on the type of problem.

Samsung Ratings

Image: Rings

It seems that tone differences are generally a little more frequent in economic models. Malfunctions in power supplies and LED burnout They usually belong to more expensive models because they offer higher brightness levels that stress the components.

Pictures | Ratings

More information | Ratings

at Xataka Smart Home | This is what happens when OLED TVs run 20 hours a day. Spoiler: none recorded

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