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Of course, on some occasions you have encountered the unpleasant surprise of having to listen to certain things while watching a movie or TV series. extremely low-sounding dialogue compared to sound effects or music that are much louder. In other words, you’re not really listening to what the actors are saying.

The first solution is to constantly play with the volume buttons on the remote control to adjust the volume levels, but as we have seen on other occasions, there are other methods to do it. It makes the dialogues look much more homogeneous.

More sound is not always better

Clearer dialogues

Clearer dialogues

However, using the volume with the remote control does not always work. It does not matter if we give more or less volume, sometimes players’ voices still have a volume level below others The effects and soundtrack make it hard to understand.

The root of this problem comes from far away and we have already seen that it could be the creators’ fault or due to poor configuration of our equipment. Although these are possible reasons, it is normal that everything has its cause. mismanagement multichannel to stereo conversion.

This is because when a film or series is recorded, the relevant recording studio uses different channels to collect the sound. A multi-channel track that is then intended to be used in 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby Atmos sound systems. The problem is when we do not have that sound system in our home or when this multi-channel part needs to be reduced For broadcasting via DTT and even streaming platforms.


A bottleneck that creates problems because all of these channels have been recompressed to fit into a normal system without losing quality in the process. And if the central channel where the dialogue is heard is not prioritized in this process, then there is already a problem. In fact, this is something we have seen before.

We’ve seen similar offerings from Amazon to listen to conversations on the platform. But beyond Prime Video, You can also adopt a number of measures. trying to ensure that dialogues are listened to in the best possible way.

You can fiddle with your TV’s volume settings, for example, to make sure the movie’s dialogue isn’t too quiet compared to the rest of the audio. Find the audio mode that emphasizes dialogue.


Highlight dialogues

Is-is a preset on many televisions up-to-date and this allows you to hear dialogue in TV shows and movies a little more clearly. This is the easy method, but there are other things you can do.



You can do it too balance mixture levels using the equalizer found on almost all TVs. Use the equalization function to emphasize vocal frequencies and reduce unwanted noise. This will help make dialogue more audible and distinguishable. It masks low frequencies so that dialogue is clearer.


Mixing levels

Moreover, You can try making sure that the audio mix levels are set wellThis involves adjusting the volume levels of different audio elements, such as music, sound effects, and dialogue, so that there is no significant difference between them.

Some models even have these Functions that allow you to automatically adapt the soundIt allows elements such as voices to be emphasized and thus dialogues to be heard better.

The voice on the television

Automatic adjustment to improve dialogues

These are home solutions that don’t require spending money, and if what you want is to hear dialogue, music, and sound effects with absolute clarity, your best bet is to buy. a home theater system or a sound bar.

Audio output

Audio output

If you receive any of these items, Make sure to test the audio mix To ensure that dialogue can be heard clearly. Adjust the mix as necessary to achieve the proper balance for both the soundbar and home theater systems.

Even Netflix wants to fix this


This isn’t actually a TV or platform specific thing. We’ve seen how Apple TV released an option to fix this issue in tvOS 17.1 and even Netflix has its own trick up its sleeve.

In case of the big “N” operator, the system goes through the audio and subtitle options of the content you are playing and selects the language in the audio mode, but there is no 5.1 audio option. If you want to listen to the movie in Spanish instead of Spanish 5.1, select spanish only. In this way, you will notice that the dialogues will be heard better.

In the case of Apple TVWith tvOS 17.1 and tvOS 18 beta now available for testing, Apple’s multimedia center has an option to improve dialogues. Simply access “Settings” Enter on Apple TV “Video and audio” and activate “Improve dialogues”In this case, only if you have tvOS 17.1 or later, or if you have one or two HomePod or HomePod mini speakers connected to an Apple TV 4K with tvOS 17.1 or later, and they are selected as outputs.

Remember that it is important to consider the preferences and limitations of audio equipment, as well as the sound hardware itself. each person’s hearing capacityas well as the context and style of the film.

Xataka in SmartHome | I used the “matrix method” to correct low-pitched dialogue in movies: this is the impressive result

Source: Xatak Android



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