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One of the main disadvantages that we can find when buying a smart TV, or at least a Smart TV equipped with Android TV or Google TV, little space to install apps. It’s a problem we’ve faced before with different solutions.

I’m already leaving out what we can understand on more basic devices but that’s hard to understand, especially when we pay a significant amount for a television. A small space to install apps that Google wants to solve new system for managing apps.

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On TVs and devices with Android TV or Google TV, the app installation feature is usually an overall meager 8GB of storage, 16 GB in the most generous cases. Faced with this capacity, a phone usually doesn’t go below 64GB and also some apps can be moved to a microSD card.

We’ve seen how to get creative to fix this problem on Chromecast with Google TV and now the company is working to fix this bug and if it has already started to improve storage with Android 12 by adding automatic deletion of temporary files, they have now announced another important step: Google TV and Android TV They will say goodbye to APKs to embrace all the benefits of the Android App Bundle (AAB).

Google will make App Bundles mandatory On Android TV and Google TV. AAB is the format that replaces Android App Bundles (AAB) and is currently the release format that replaces Android Package Kits (APK) on Google Play and offers several benefits.

Y main improvement is about capacity and space required one and the other. In an APK, the complete app with all its languages ​​and functions is installed on the device, whereas in an Android App Bundle, the AABs are set according to the device on which they will be installed using only the relevant files. language or required resolution and thus saving storage space. According to Google, it can occupy 20% less capacity.

But This is not the only system the company has designed to optimize capacity. Android TV and Google TV will now also have the ability to archive apps, thus freeing up space. A feature that was announced in March and we now know will come to Android TV and Google TV starting May 2023. This other method will save you up to 60% compared to the original file.

This system also prevents the user from having to completely uninstall the appalso the recovery process is faster in case it needs to be used again.

Now it’s up to the developers to adapt their apps to this new archive to save space without losing all data as before.

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