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Wikipedia responds to Elon Musk’s statement to block some Twitter accounts in Turkey

According to the message from the Twitter Global Government Affairs account, it was confirmed that access to certain content has been blocked in Turkey. After this event, which was on the agenda worldwide, there was a statement from Elon Musk.

In response to Bloomberg reporter Matthew Yglesias’ tweet, Musk said: Declaration of Yglesias He responded saying they had restricted access to some of the tweets so Twitter wouldn’t be completely restricted. You can read their discussion here. Today Jimmy Wales, one of the co-founders of Wikipedia, has joined this discussion.

“We fought.”

Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia co-founder shows his reaction to Musk Jimmy Walesregarding blocking inbound access to the content”If Elon Musk doesn’t care about freedom of speech, just say so.‘ he said.

“We stuck to our principles in Turkey and won by fighting. This is part of freedom of expression. principle, not a slogan said Wales, “If Elon wants to say, “We don’t care about free speech if it prevents us from making money,” then he should just say so.” said.

Wikipedia was banned in Turkey for a long time and was reopened after a long legal process.

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