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10 apps that help you use Spotify more efficiently

It is not enough to say that Spotify is just a music listening platform, which was first introduced to users in 2006. Because if we look at today Spotify, which has hundreds of millions of active users, It has become the platform where the pulse of the music world beats. Many new artists are known here and master artists are now presenting their new pieces to their fans on this platform for the first time.

Since Spotify uses an advanced algorithm, it always offers its users exactly the songs they want. Though it offers new features every day, sometimes these are not enough for users. This is where third-party applications that you can use with Spotify come into play. Bride By using it with Spotify, you increase your music enjoyment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best practices.


Applications you can use with Spotify to enhance your music enjoyment:

  • Magic Playlist
  • repetition
  • Spotify
  • Dubolt
  • forget
  • Explorer of the artist
  • Playlist manager
  • Refused
  • Record player
  • spoil

Discover songs similar to your favorite songs: Magic Playlist

Magic Playlist is an app specially developed for users who want to discover brand new songs. After opening the application You search or select your favorite songs. Depending on your choices, the best recommendation options appear within seconds. If you say who is going to listen to it one by one, you can sail to new seas much faster by listening to the 30 second versions of the songs. Of course, you can develop new options by saving your loved ones among the suggestions.

You can click here to use the Magic Playlist application.

Don’t wait until the end of the year with the one you listen to the most: Replayify

We love the most streamed artists, songs, listening time data released by Spotify at the end of every year, right? You no longer have to wait until the end of the year to see this data because by using Replayify application you can see which artist or song you listen to the most in different time periods like monthly, 3 months, 6 months. Let’s face it, dating startups would be a great way to go.

You can click here to use the Replayify application.

No more repeating songs: Spotify Dedup

Are you one of those who make playlists as a hobby? Sometimes we get confused when we create playlists in different categories like for on the go, eating, studying, dancing, etc. we can put three or five of the same numbers on the same list. That list just stays in case I edit it today or tomorrow. With the Spotify Dedup application, that will no longer be the case. Spotify Dedup finds and shows you the repeating songs in your playlist and gives you editing options. You can then edit your list as you wish.

You can click here to use the Spotify Dedup application.

Discover artists like the artists you love: Dubolt

Everyone has an artist they admire and we are generally closed to innovations. But there comes a time when we want to listen to other things. This is where Dubolt comes into play. When you search for the artist you admire on Dubolt you will see the best options like this one. With 30-second versions of songs, you can discover even more songs in a short time. Moreover, you can sort the songs according to their vocal, tempo, acoustic and rhythm characteristics through the filters.

You can click here to use the Dubolt application.

There are millions of songs that have never been listened to: Forgotify

I’ve been using Spotify for years if you think there isn’t a song I don’t listen to anymore, you’re wrong because it’s on the platform. There are over 4 million songs that have not been played even once and the number is increasing day by day. You can find these never-before-discovered songs with the Forgotify app. Who knows, the new artist you will admire is one of those who have disappeared among these millions?

You can click here to use the Forgotify application.

Explore by artist: Artist Explorer

If you are tired of listening to the same songs by the same artist over and over again, but at the same time really admire that artist, the Artist Explorer app is for you. After opening the app, go to the search bar. When you type and search for your favorite artist, you will see artists and songs of the same genre. If you’re wondering if I like it, you can explore much faster by listening to the short 30 second version of the song, not the whole song.

You can click here to use the Artist Explorer application.

The easiest way to organize playlists: Playlist Manager

How many saved playlists do you have? Dozens of some of us! Good, but some of them we no longer want to listen to in that list form. Even if we say let’s start and organize, it is not possible to get out of work. It is now possible with Playlist Manager. Thanks to the smart tools of Playlist Manager It allows you to organize your playlists with a few simple taps. In addition, it is possible to keep your list constantly updated by using some automatic settings.

You can click here to use the Playlist Manager application.

Turn that music off, brother Muhittin: refused

Anyone using the Spotify music listening platform can create their own playlists and share them with other users. If you listen to one of these lists, you’ll notice that the same artist or song pops up from time to time, even if you don’t want to listen to it. Instead of skipping these songs manually, use the Denied app. By selecting the artist, song or album name in the application, you can make sure that song never appears again. You can also add memorable numbers to your block list.

You can click here to use the Denied application.

Search for song by picture: turntable

The Record Player application bridges the gap between music and images. Let’s say while browsing Instagram You’ve seen a great album cover, but can’t find the name. You immediately load it into the application and the whole album will appear in front of you. There is more. You found a picture of an attractive artist, but you can’t find his songs because you don’t know his name. A few seconds after uploading the image to the application, you will see the artist’s songs and everything you need to know about them. You can create your own digital archive of your searches.

You can click here to use the Record Player application.

Discover new offers quickly: Thirtify

Everyone started making their own playlist. We waste time trying to find out if the playlist is good or bad. Thanks to Thirtify, we don’t have a second to lose because through the application you can open the playlist that interests you, listen to the 30 second versions and decide whether you want to continue listening or not. There is more. If you’ve made a bombshell playlist for your party, you can open it on Thirtify and have the liveliest parts or choruses played without intros and outros.

You can click here to use the Thirtify application.

The most popular music streaming platform in the world We’ve listed some of the best apps you can use with Spotify to enhance your musical enjoyment. If any applications you use are on our list, share your experience in the comments.

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