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Google announces a new suicide prevention feature

An important step came from US-based technology giant Google. When users start doing suicidal searches, Google they may seek help which can be discouraging will post. These posts, which appear at the top of the search page, “International Association for Suicide PreventionCreated in collaboration with “.

In fact, Google already has some apps related to suicide. For example; If you google the term “suicide, the first thing that pops up is a non-profit”Suicide.orgYou will see “. They can also send as SMS.. This way, the person who is about to commit suicide will ask someone they know for help.

This is what Google’s new feature looks like!

Megan Jones Bell, one of Google’s top executives, who made statements on the subject, explained what to do and how to self-declare in crises where people are on the verge of suicide. that they don’t know there stands that. Here are the messages prepared in conjunction with the International Suicide Prevention Association, easy to express will provide.

How will the new feature in Google affect users in Turkey? insecure. Because the platform offers a very different experience to users in the US. For example; When a suicide-related call is made, Alo 988, the suicide prevention center in the US, can be contacted directly. However, such a practice does not exist in Turkey. As such, the feature presented in conjunction with the International Suicide Prevention Association is broad in scope. can change.

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