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Artificial Intelligence Supported Google Search Launches!


US-based tech giant Google, a few weeks ago, I/O 2023 announced that it will add artificial intelligence support to its search service. The company said nothing about when the trial would start in statements made that day. But today, in Google Search about revolutionary innovations An important development has taken place.

The company reports to users in the US via Search Labs. by registeringannounced that they can test new features of AI-powered search. Users queued after registration upon receipt of email they can start using Google Search powered by artificial intelligence.

Available on all platforms!

In the statement on the official blog page of Google, the artificial intelligence-powered search service On Android, iOS and web version specified can be used. In this way, users get the opportunity to experience the brand new Google Search wherever they want. In the meantime; Search Labs, which enables registration with AI-powered Google Search not in Turkey let me specify. If you still want to reach Seach Labs, here You can use the link.

AI-powered Google Search for keywords will facilitate the achievement of results.. The company states that artificial intelligence will understand exactly what it wants to look for and produce results accordingly. Of course, there’s no point in interpreting how good Google’s AI-powered search is without trying it. No benefits.

For detailed information about AI-powered Google Search:

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