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The platform that guides micro-entrepreneur candidates who want to start their own business but don’t know where to start: GOODFORYOU


Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business to suit their abilities and goals. But this dream A rather complicated ‘to do’ list of ‘starting a business’ from afar Because of this and not knowing exactly what to do.

Exactly live in this situation; ‘How do I start my own business? looking for an answer guiding candidates for micro-entrepreneurs and answering all their questions and there is a platform that does all this in a digital environment, easily accessible with a single click; GOOD FOR YOU.

GOODFORYOU explains in three comprehensive stages what needs to be done to those who want to start their own business;

Making micro-entrepreneurship accessible to everyone and people with limited financial resources with the vision of enabling them to have a job Brought to life by entrepreneur Cem Akın, GOODFORYOU aims to provide a training and mentoring platform for micro-entrepreneur candidates.

GOODFORYOU often works as a digital EdTech company alternative to entrepreneurial strategies based on big budgets and huge investments. It offers a different business model.

GOODFORYOU basically has a three-phase plan. These three stages 16-step program, 100-step startup guide and mentor app appears as.

GOODFORYOU provides candidates for micro-entrepreneurs with the 16 Step Program how to start your business startup journey, He explains how to set up his business with the “100 Steps to Start a Business” guide and how to stay on track with the Mentoring app.

What does the 16 Step Program entail?

GOODFORYOU’s 16 Steps Program explains entrepreneurship in an understandable and entertaining language. Contains 64 videos. In addition to these videos, various tests and exercises for personal development are also offered. After this part, which we can call the first phase, comes the second phase, the 100 steps for starting a business.

This guide guides micro-entrepreneurial candidates who want to start their own business through their business formation and business development processes. Answer any questions as a bedside information repository. In addition to the Guide and the 16 Step Program, GOODFORYOU also has a Mentoring Application.

What exactly does the Mentoring App promise?

You have completed the program, you have studied the manual. You have started taking the first steps in your micro-entrepreneurship journey. On this point GOODFORYOU, wants to continue to provide support every step of the way. It does this with the Mentoring App.

With this application, which you can access in the Play Store and App Store. Need 365 days 24/7 support through an application has been offered. The application provides a strong communication opportunity in entrepreneurship with exclusive videos and content, podcasts, forum and community access.

With the last steps of Cem Akın, GOODFORYOU is more and more integrated into our lives every day. It is also working on integrating artificial intelligence tools into its application. It aims to further develop the training and support offered with the artificial intelligence mentoring software that will be added to the application. With all these steps, GOODFORYOU aims to increase the success rate of micro-entrepreneurs from 1% to an impressive 10% to 20%.

GOODFORYOU’s goal is to expand by opening offices in England and Europe, after America and Turkey;

Thanks to the testing process and the success of the GOODFORYOU training and mentoring platform in Turkey, Cem Akın was able to expand this success globally. According to the plans of the company, which is based in the US, the platform will be launched in the second quarter of 2023, alongside the US and Turkey, Expansion with offices in the UK and Europe is located.

GOODFORYOU and Cem Akın, who have taken steps to make a significant impact on promising micro-entrepreneurs worldwide, Reaching millions of people with the digital EdTech platform and aims to enable them to discover their potential.

If you see yourself as a prospective micro-entrepreneur and the idea of ​​starting your own business like in your dreams appeals to you, you can take a closer look at GOODFORYOU by clicking here.

Let’s take a closer look at Cem Akın, the founder of GOODFORYOU;

from GOODFORYOU enabling microentrepreneur candidates to understand their questions and issues wellThe fact that Cem Akın, the founder of the platform, took all these steps and charted his own path.

Cem AKIN, who started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 16, first started working as a dealer for an American company. He started his own business at the age of 18. and by creating its own brand in 2008, it achieved significant success in the mattress industry, of which the brand is a part. The brand created by him received the “Elle Decoration International Design Award” in the best bedroom category in 2011.

In 2020, Cem AKIN developed an innovative business plan that removes the high rent burden and enables profit sharing between merchants and entrepreneurs, bringing opportunities to people who want to open their own coffee shop with a minimum capital investment of 35,000 TL. With this strategy 85 dealers were established in just 90 days and within six months 158 branches became operational.

Cem AKIN laid the foundation of GOODFORYOU after moving to New York. experienced Growing interest in digital transformation and entrepreneurshiparose as the idea of ​​a platform that brings the two together.

As Cem Akın continues to receive investment in America with GOODFORYOU, he continues to share his experience through various channels. In addition to micro-entrepreneurship workshops at universities Cem Akın creates a community where these issues can be discussed through his social media accounts.

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