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Interesting suggestion for Turkish translation of Metaverse from AKP Official

Metaverse, which caused Facebook to change its name to Meta for the sake of it, has become the main focus of many countries and tech giants as it is characterized as the technology of the future. This concept, which allows people to do most of their daily work through virtual universes, will generate billions and even billions of dollars in the coming years. in a multi-trillion dollar industry. expected to change.

There are also studies in Turkey on the metaverse, through which we see movements in many areas, from sports to cars. When this is the case, many people argue about how to translate the foreign concept of the metaverse into Turkish. While there are uses for “other universe” and “virtual universe”, metaverse does not yet have an official equivalent in our language. Now there has been a statement on this issue from the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

It has been suggested to translate Metaverse in Turkish as ‘door’ or ‘doors’


AKP Headquarters Information and Communication Technology Vice President Atay Uslu, suggested a Turkish name for the rapidly popular metaverse. In an article he shared, Uslu stated that the word “door’ or ‘doors’ He stated that he suggested translating it into Turkish.

Calling attention to the Forum Metaverse event, which we also conveyed to you, which was held in recent months with the participation of President Erdogan, Uslu said that in the article titled “We are opening the door to Metaverse,” the metaverse bridging the gap between knowledge and imagination described it as a new concept. He also argued that the blurring of this distance is the unceasing increase of technological possibilities.

In addition, he also emphasized that the metaverse may open doors to new worlds, and which side of this door is real. “While television took up 10% of life yesterday, today the internet has more than 30%. There are those who say that the metaverse will exceed 60% of life tomorrow. Then what will real life be and what will virtual life be?† Going by his statements, Uslu stated that this distinction will lead people to doubt in the future.

Source: Web Tekno



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