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The official ATV YouTube channel is closed! “Community Rules Violated”

ATV, one of Turkey’s most popular television channels, encountered a major obstacle on YouTube today. Users who want to reach the official YouTube channel of ATV, the channel is closed he saw. According to YouTube’s information, the channel was closed for a Community Guidelines violation.

The national television channel within the Turkuvaz Media Group has not yet shared a statement about the closure of its main channel on YouTube. Those who want to reach the channel’s page “This account For violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines it’s closed.encountered.

Main channel only


On the other hand, it turned out that the side channels of ATV such as ‘ATV Haber’ on YouTube and channels opened specifically for productions within ATV were not closed. This is YouTube’s action only. For the main channel of ATV showed that he did.

Update: ATV YouTube Channel Reopened

After the closure of the channel was shared by thousands of users in a short time, ATV’s official YouTube channel has reopened. There are currently no restrictions.

Source: Web Tekno



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