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Oxford has announced its Word of the Year 2023: what does this word that is taking over social media mean?

Each year, Oxford University Press selects a “Word of the Year” from that year’s popular words. It was a matter of curiosity which word would win the top prize this year. The well-known publisher had drawn up a shortlist of 8 words for 2023. After this, the words were put to a public vote and at the end, 4 finalists consisting of “rizz”, Swiftie”, “prompt” and “situationship” were determined.

Today came the expected announcement. Oxford, “The word “rizz” won the “Word of the Year” award. announced that he had won. “rizz” was chosen by language experts. Experts took into account factors such as the number of votes and comments on the words to determine the winner.

So what does this “rizz” mean?

If you’ve been on social media much in the past year, you’ve probably heard the word “rizz.” This word, which we encounter on X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok and many other places, is generally used by young users as someone’s “attractive or charismatic” It is used to demonstrate that. Social media describes someone who has ‘rizz’ as ‘a person who has the ability to attract a mate‘ he accepts.

The word “derived from “charisma” There is also a belief that. “Rizz” can also be used as a verb to seduce or attract someone.

Kai Cenat

“Rizz” actually came out in mid-2021. However, last year it became a word used all over social media. The person who first coined and popularized the word is known for Twitch broadcasts and YouTube. Kai Cenat. Cenat first starts using this word among his friends. It then spreads on social media.

If you’re wondering what the winning word is in 2022:

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