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Google will compete with the yellow site: advertisements for rental houses and shops can be added to maps

For a lot of people AirBnb For example, applications offer the opportunity to earn extra money by renting out houses, rooms or other properties for a short period of time. And now Googlingto Maps Location for rent announced the landmarks that will enable the addition of these properties.

The operation of the system is quite simple. Added to Google Maps bookmarks Location for rent Thanks to this function it is possible to mark tourist rental properties on maps. Once this bookmark is selected, pricing information, how many people it can host, and images of the property can be shared.

Rental locations are listed on Google Maps


When adding rental locations as structured data Accommodation They are listed as. In addition, each structure has a unique identifier. This identification code is different from the property’s name or address. Even if the name or owner of the property changes, the identification does not change. Even if the same property is mentioned in different languages, the identification remains the same.

In mentions at least 8 photos will be mandatory. At least 1 of these eight photos must contain the bathroom, 1 the bedroom and 1 the common area. The exact location and type of building (such as apartment, bungalow, villa) are also included in the information. In addition, those who wish can describe the various features of their property, such as Wi-Fi, fireplace and swimming pool, in the advertisements.

In order to list a property as a rental location, both are required Vacation Rental Policy both Basics of Search like General structured data guides It must be compatible. If any of these three are missing, the entry will not be displayed. We may see the feature on Google Maps soon.

In the meantime; It would be useful if you read this news before renting out your home on a daily basis:

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