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The most read Wikipedia articles of 2023 have been announced

Known as the world’s most popular internet encyclopedia Wikipediapublished some statistics for 2023. In the statement, in 2023 most read The articles have been announced. Wikipedia also shared information based on categories.

Without further ado, if you like, let’s take a look at which Wikipedia articles were the most read in 2023. But before we get to the data, today’s list November 28Please note that it contains articles in English to. Wikipedia, On January 3, 2024 He announced that he would share the final list.

The 25 most read articles on Wikipedia:

Wikipedia most read articles

Article Number of lectures
ChatGPT 49,490,406
Deaths in 2023 (Deaths in 2023) 42,666,860
2023 Cricket World Cup (Cricket Championship 2023) 38,171,653
Indian Premier League (Indian Premier League) 32,012,810
Oppenheimer 28,348,248
Cricket World Cup (cricket championship) 25,961,417
J. Robert Oppenheimer 25,672,469
jaw 21,791,126
Indian Premier League 2023 (Indian Premier League 2023) 20,694,974
pathan 19,932,509
The Last of Us (TV series) 19,791,789
Taylor Swift 19,418,385
Barbie (movie) 18,051,077
Cristiano Ronaldo 17,492,537
Lionel Messi 16,623,630
Premier League (English Premier League) 16,604,669
Matthew Perry 16,454,666
United States 16,240,461
Elon Musk 14,370,395
Avatar: The Way of Water 14,303,116
India (India) 13,850,178
Lisa Marie Presley 13,764,007
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 13,392,917
Russian invasion of Ukraine (Russian occupation of Ukraine) 12,798,866
Andreas Taat 12,728,616

As you can see in the table above, more on Wikipedia, trending topics Articles have been read about it. ChatGPT, perhaps the most important technology of the year, was noted as the most read title by consumers. In sports category Cristiano Ronaldo We saw that the winner of the rivalry between him and Lionel Messi was Ronaldo.

2023 was a year of complete competition in the film world. The most important films that led to this competition are: Oppenheimer It was Barbie with. Wikipedia users were more curious about the Oppenheimer film and J. Robert Oppenheimer, who brought it to life.

Source: Web Tekno



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