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TCL ushers in the era of 1000 Hz monitors

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Imec receives 2.5 billion euros for new nanochip pilot line

Imec will receive €2.5 billion from the government and...

Switch from Trendyol to solve the language problem of Turkish sellers in e-export: Trendyol LLM

The language barrier stands out as one of the difficulties for Turkish manufacturers to trade on an international scale. The sellers are foreigners “enough to tell their problems” Going beyond just knowing the languageThey need to introduce themselves and their products in detail and build a relationship of trust with buyers.

By connecting Turkish products and manufacturers with international markets through e-export, Trendyol solves the language problem by achieving a major milestone in the Turkish technology entrepreneurship ecosystem with its versatile language model Trendyol LLM. Trendyol LLM, which allows sellers to export in different languages ​​without encountering language barriers, It will be offered as open source for the benefit of the Turkish technology ecosystem. Currently developed for general use, Trendyol LLM can be adapted by companies to their own purposes.

Trendyol engineers eliminate the language barrier in e-export

The goal is to offer sellers one-click services in many languages ​​by overcoming the language barrier and facilitating export processes. native model Trendyol LLM in development Trendyol’s Turkish engineers They have dedicated work. First, an extensive literature search was conducted for the language model developed by Trendyol engineers on the Mistral 7B model.

To create a model specific to Turkey, in light of the information obtained data collection and filtering processes is carried out. Trendyol engineers trained the model to better learn Turkish and capture semantic relationships over a period of approximately four months, of which the first three months were spent using open sources and cleaning the data, and the last month with the use of a dataset of 10 billion tokens. Based on a dataset of 180,000 question-answer pairs A chat model has been created that can respond to commands and requests.

It will be the gateway to world markets

The model, which will be offered as open source to the Turkish technology ecosystem, can be used in many areas as it can be customized as needed. User experiences that will occur; from improving chatbots to extracting information for search engines It will lead to various developments in a wide range of areas. Trendyol, LLM, be the digital assistant of salespeople In planning privatization, it aims that this innovative model will be the gateway for Turkish sellers to global markets in the coming period.

Trendyol also introduced LLM to the world

Trendyol’s native solution language model, Trendyol LLM, this year Held in Dubai between February 12 and 14. and Turkiye, Qatar and India were guests of honour. At the 2024 World Government Summit was also shared. In the context of the summit, where Trendyol was the only company from Turkey to participate, “Towards the future of responsible AIIn the panel titled “Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin introduced Trendyol LLM to the participants.

Source: Web Tekno



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