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Twitch Announces It Will Ban Gambling Broadcasts! (But it will ban a bit…)


The most popular live streaming platform twitch, while progressing from its game-oriented roots at great speed, it recently resurfaced with a lengthy discussion. World famous publishers announced that they had been scammed by another publisher with the “needy” lie, and the money the publishers gave to this person gamble was gone.

Subsequently, many publishers, including broadcasters that have not yet spoken out, appealed against Twitch: Stop gambling! While it was expected that there would be no response from the Twitch front to that call, today there was a surprise. Twitch announced it was banning gambling in its announcement shared on social media. Of course, this ban was a partial ban…

Description shared by Twitch:

“Betting on Twitch is a topic of great discussion in the community and one that we are actively reviewing. Today we would like to inform you about our plans. While we prohibit the sharing of links or referral codes to slots, roulette or dice sites, we have seen some people break these rules and expose our community to potential harm.

We will be making a policy update on October 18 to ban the streaming of gambling sites that contain slots, roulette or dice that are not licensed in the US or other jurisdictions that provide adequate consumer protection. These sites include Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits, and Robet. However, we can identify others as we progress.

We will continue to allow websites that focus on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker.

We will be sharing details on updates to our gambling policy, including full policy language, shortly to make sure everyone is clear about our new rules before they come into effect on October 18.”

Source: Web Tekno



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