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Iranian government bans Instagram and WhatsApp due to increasing demonstrations

Detained in Iran last week by Irshad patrols (a type of local vice squad) for not following the dress code. The Death of Mahsa Amini, lit the fuse of major protests in the country. As citizens protest on the streets for weeks against Amini’s death and the government’s silence, authorities have blocked internet connections in the country for security reasons. announced that there may be delays and interruptions.

NetBlocks officials, who detected internet outages around the world in the evenings today, stated that the internet is down in some parts of Iran. announced that he was completely cut off.

Instagram and WhatsApp blocked

London-based NetBlocks officials stated that the internet was completely shut down in some parts of the country, while in areas where there is still internet, WhatsApp services first and then Instagram. Is blocked reported. Two Iranian citizens living in Tehran, reached by Reuters news agency, are as of now. WhatsApp and Instagram are not available explained.

The Iranian government is notorious for frequently restricting or completely banning the internet and certain social media apps. If you remember last year, the Iranian government, Facebook banned Twitter and Telegram nationwide.

For Iran, which has suffered a major internet outage in recent days, many users have asked Elon Musk to get in touch via Twitter and present Starlink to the Iranian people. Musk belongs to the Iranian government. Will ask for Starlink exemption had stated.

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