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Twitch announces restrictions for all browsers except these three browsers (OK, but why?)

Popular live streaming platform twitch, came up with the issues some users are experiencing today. Some users have made statements that they have been unable to log in to their Twitch accounts from certain browsers in recent days. These people encountered an “An error occurred, please try again” when they tried to sign in to their account.

After the users expressed their concerns on social media, a statement came out today from the giant platform. In this statement from Twitch, “are you having trouble logging in? Supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge) Make sure you use it and your browser is up to date! We will be publishing an article shortly to resolve this issue.” The use of sentences is confusing.

Twitch temporarily restricts other browsers due to bot accounts

Twitch’s statement states that users only Chrome, Firefox and Edge showed that the platform can be accessed over the internet while other popular browsers cannot be used. For this reason, after the confusion, the statement that shed light on the subject, Twitch manager. by Tom Verilli came.

According to this; Temporary restrictions have been placed on browsers. The reason is Twitch. bot account be able to find and close the points used to create. Verilli stressed that the measure against botnets is temporary:

Unfortunately, securing Twitch requires this. tomorrow hate raids To stop it, users have to use a different browser than their preferences today.” The hate attacks that Verilli mentions mean that some users are filling chats with intimidation and insults.

Prepared for players in Twitch’s supported list Opera GX name is not mentioned. However, Opera GX says in a statement that users can access their accounts if they run the latest update. In addition, some users are not supported, although Safari, brave He says he has no problem with browsers such as: Despite this, the number of people who keep saying they still have problems such as logging in from other browsers and not being able to shop is quite high.

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