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The Psychology of Those Who Enter ‘My Perfect’ Competition on Social Media and Offer Lies Lives: Duck Syndrome

According to psychologists, he does not show the real life he lives on social media and always looks better. perfect Those who show experience the exemplary syndrome.

The people who follow them certainly don’t know the inside of their lives. That these people are ‘They don’t understand me’ He doesn’t want to open up to other people. Let’s look at the details about this syndrome together.

In fact, people put a lot of effort into making their lives look perfect.

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What is done to gain the admiration of the other person on social media, unlike what is seen, requires a great deal of effort. This is like a duck moving its fins in the deep water. But as ducks glide smoothly over the water, no one sees their effort in the depths. This syndrome was first described at Stanford University. in your students is seen. According to experts, students struggle with academics, internships, social projects and other responsibilities at school. In short, in a performance-oriented university like Stanford, you might think they are crushed under this high expectation of success.

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This definition came about because students actually hide their inner depression and think they are not good enough for others. Because in institutions like this, where everyone is successful, failure Even talking about it is not welcome. Students who believe that an appropriate environment is not being created to talk about may be forced to fall under the influence of this syndrome. This syndrome is not yet one of the pathologies diagnosed in the fifth (DSM-5) edition of the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Therefore, the data on this topic is based on the opinions and studies of experts in the field of psychology.

The person may compare himself too much with others.

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According to psychologists, the detail that most affects the person with duck syndrome ‘others’. These people always think that others are better than them. Those who suffer from this condition also fear criticism, psychologists note. They think they are constantly being subjected to a performance test by others in the environments in which they work. They may feel that the weight of life is always on their shoulders and that is why they are constantly struggling.

This syndrome can trigger them more if the person has anxiety and depression.

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People who experience this problem may have grown up in a family environment that we might call an excessive obsession with success in early childhood. According to psychologists, one of the parents or caregivers is also likely to be overprotective. Thus, the person has great success. load value position can be seen.

Social media is a suitable environment to give the impression that everything is achieved without struggle and effort.

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Browsing social media, late at night in the library they are studying You can see the images of the people who are claiming. But maybe these people got really low grades on the exam and maybe they sleep in the library to make up for it. So what you see all the time doesn’t mean those people are very successful individuals.

Since no one sees their failures as something to be proud of, they are not allowed to share them on social media. This creates the need to filter errors and show them that way to others. Similar to psychologists According to her, the fact that you look at others and feel that you are inadequate and wasted actually comes from the fact-filtering function of social media.

Here’s what scientific studies say about it…

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According to studies, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and schizophrenia may be more common at a younger age, when identity development is intense. In this regard, experts believe that the university has a high level of mental health. risky It means a period. Because during this period it is seen that young people who are just starting to find their own self are more prone to deteriorate their psychology under academic pressure, alcohol or substance use and new socialization environments.

In a study conducted in 2020 into the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, 500 students will be interviewed. Subsequently, it turns out that 85% of the students stated that they experienced intense anxiety and stress during this period. In short, only 21% of the students surveyed psychological support Looks like he’s trying to get it.

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Another 2015 study measuring youth psychology found that of 80,000 college students, 86% felt extremely overwhelmed and 32% were unable to focus on their studies because of depression. Young people actually do not seek support The social reason behind it may be based on the perception of individualism built up with modern times. Individuals are expected to be strong, successful, intelligent and autonomous. Moreover, they are asked to attract these characteristics and compete within the capitalist system. For example, people may think it is better to deal with the problems they experience alone.

Students are expected to pass the top grade exams and compete with each other. Thus, these young people are aware of the psychological breakdown they experience through their efforts, through others. failure Perhaps he prefers to be introverted so as not to be called a spy. At present, experts in the field of psychology need to do more work to educate people who need support, do not hesitate to seek support. So, have you ever tried to show yourself differently than you are on social media? If you have such an experience, please share it with us in the comments.

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