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Where and how to apply for internet infrastructure?

In the current circumstances, where technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives, the Internet has also become a necessity. To connect the home internet you need, there must be an internet infrastructure in your area. The internet infrastructure is thus largely owned by Türk Telekom infrastructure application is submitted to this institution however, this may vary depending on your internet service provider.

For internet infrastructure applications, you need to write a petition and send it to Türk Telekom general directorate or regional directorates. For other ISPs, you can apply directly to that company. Making these requests together with other apartment residents in the building, not by one person, gives a much faster result. Bride Where and how to request internet infrastructure Let’s take a look at the questions using a petition example.

internet infrastructure application

Why is it necessary to make such an application, what is the Internet infrastructure?

The internet connection is brought from the center to the region, from the region to the neighborhood and finally to your home, with copper or fiber optic cables. In this internet infrastructure when copper cables are used When using ADSL, fiber optic cables, you get a fiber optic internet connection. Glass and plastic materials are used in fiber optic cables.

Internet service providers are not installing internet infrastructure everywhere, especially fiber optic internet infrastructure. because infrastructure installation process is quite costly and they don’t invest in places where they don’t get paid for these costs. For this reason, users who want to use ADSL or fiber optic internet must register for infrastructure with internet service providers.

Perhaps you do not need to apply, how to search the Internet infrastructure?

  • Step 1: Access Türk Telekom’s infrastructure research page via the link here.
  • Step 2: Select the province.
  • Step 3: Select province.
  • Step 4: Select neighborhood.
  • Step #5: Select street or alley.
  • Step #6: Choose your door number.
  • Step #7: Choose your interior door number.
  • Step #8: Click the Query Infrastructure button.

internet infrastructure application

It is enough to follow the steps above for Türk Telekom’s infrastructure research process. Comes to your region with infrastructure research You will see the maximum speed of the internet connection. If there is another ISP you would like to receive service from, you can find this information by visiting the website or by calling the call center.

Let’s look at the main issue: how to request Internet infrastructure?

For the application of Internet infrastructure, you must first enter the numbers of the city, district, neighborhood, street, outer door and inner door. most up to date and accurate You must write a petition specifying you. You can send this petition via CIMER or BTK. However, it is recommended to send it to Türk Telekom general directorate or regional directorates to get the most accurate result.

Let’s open a little parenthesis at this point. A large part of the internet infrastructure in our country Because it is owned by Türk Telekom and many internet providers use this infrastructure. The application is submitted to Türk Telekom. However, some internet providers like Turkcell use their own internet infrastructure. For infrastructure applications with these providers, you can visit their websites or call their call centers for the most accurate information.

internet infrastructure application

Sample internet infrastructure petition:


To the access planning department xxx telecom director (attached);

X We live / I live at address x. Since there is no telecom infrastructure in our building/building, no service can be received. New subscription requests and transfer requests cannot be made. We request / I request telecom infrastructure at our address. I would like to inform you about the infrastructure procurement process.

  • Also add this part if you are requesting a bulk.

The occupants of the building, who have applied with their names, contact details and signatures below, have appointed x persons as agents and our lawyer will monitor the infrastructure tendering process.

Residents of the flats name surname telephone number signature:

We designate an authorized representative: name, surname, telephone number, signature

To request internet infrastructure, you need to write the petition in this way. After customizing this text according to your own information You can send it to the mentioned management of Türk Telekom or the general management. In the case of collective applications, the authority lies with the person chosen as a proxy.

How long does the infrastructure request take, when will I receive a response?

After you have applied for internet infrastructure, the relevant institution will contact you within approximately 15 days. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that when the infrastructure will be ready is an utter mystery. Because there are too many variables to speed up this problem. It may take 6 months or 1 year depending on the situation, for example if you have it in the building, if you don’t have it, if you have it nearby, if you don’t have it in the building, if you are in the region if you don’t have it nearby. Of course, you can get the most accurate information from the institution.

internet infrastructure application

What you should pay attention to when applying for internet infrastructure:

After drafting a text similar to the petition we gave above, send it and start waiting. This process can take a long time. It is recommended that you send your application to Türk Telekom Regional Directorate or General Directorate for the fastest review of your application. It is also possible to get information by calling in advance for a more precise result.

You can write a petition for an internet infrastructure application on your own behalf, or you can write a petition by joining more than one person who lives in the building. Especially if you want fiber optic internet infrastructure A petition written by more than one person will be much more effective. Because, as we mentioned, the cost of setting up infrastructure is quite high and the ISP often doesn’t want to do such a hassle for one person.

ADSL, VDSL, fiber; Which one should I apply for online?

ADSL and VDSL internet connections are essentially the same, they use copper cables that provide a DSL connection. VDSL is used for short distances while ADSL is used for much longer distances. Of course, the shorter the distance, the greater the power of the Internet, so VDSL is more beneficial, but only for users who are close to the main port.

Fiber optics, on the other hand, as is known, offers a much faster and stronger internet connection. That’s why subscription costs are much higher. In other words, if there is no internet connection at your location, you apply by deciding what kind of internet connection you want and how much you want to pay. We remind you once again that fiber optic infrastructure will not be easily installed by one person.

What to do with Türk Telekom and other home internet providers How to request internet infrastructure By answering the question, we talked about the details you need to know about the subject. You can find the most accurate and region-specific information by calling the appropriate Internet service provider or visiting the website.

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