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Do online signature campaigns really work?

almost all of us signature campaigns We agree, we support. However, most of us don’t know where these signatures go or what they are for.

So, how valid are these signatures that we place with a single ‘click’? Not really all over the internet. “Sign this petition” Click the some things can it change? The answer to all our thoughts and questions is quite simple.

These signatures have no legal validity.

The number of these signatures, which would be realized when X reaches the number of numbers, doesn’t really matter that much. Because these signatures have no legal validity. In order for the signatures collected in this way to be valid, the participants in the campaign use of electronic signature needs.

Many sites ask for your name, surname, place of residence and email address to sign the campaign. With the information you provided, “I also support this campaign” you say.

Invalid signatures are therefore not forwarded to an institution or organization.


As we said before; Signatures you sign by clicking anywhere other than electronic and wet signatures are not valid. In other words, if you think the signatures are documented and given to ministries, municipalities and governorships, you are wrong. Of course, this is quite illogical would be.

On the other hand, the documents are prepared to be delivered to the relevant authorities only the names and surnames of persons It would be a bit strange to write. However, we still have to say that these campaigns have benefits in many ways.

The power of social media literal We see.

social media

Take a look at the people around you. How many of your friends and family don’t use social media? Maybe 1-2 people can come to mind. However, the use of social media is increasing day by day. What’s more, the food we eat, the personal care products we use, the clothes we wear and much more are changing because of what we see on social media. In some cases, we are not the social media, but us. We are changing social media.

Everything we view and share in a moment becomes related to ‘that’ event. This is where campaigns come into play. While they don’t have any meaning as a signature, they help us say what we want to say louder. Events shared by everyone and agreed upon by hundreds of thousands of people create an agenda for the relevant authorities. a stimulating effect can make.

Even if hundreds or thousands of people share a single photo on social media, it’s not possible to pinpoint an exact number, but the campaigns allow you to see how many other people agree with you. So in your hand specific data is happening.

This concrete data may also be used in legal proceedings from time to time.

Amber heard lawsuit

Although the signatures have no legal validity, the relevant institutions or individuals are involved in the lawsuits filed on the subject “There are X people who think like me” the file of the people participating in the campaign as pdf can present to the court.

On some sites you can not only sign the campaign, but also donate.


After signing the campaign on some sites used for this “You can support by sending XX TL” option appears and you can click here. amounts from about 40-50 TL You can donate. Of course you can also donate thousands of lira.

However, your donations to these campaigns usually do not go directly to the institution, organization or individual concerned; It goes to the site you signed up for. It is the responsibility of the site to accurately transfer the collected amount to the relevant places. You know that there are permits and documents that need to be obtained in order to gather help on any subject via social media and the internet. For this reason, before you donate read carefully the texts you accept. we advise.

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