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We’ve explained where and how giant corporations provide the internet they bring to our homes and our phones!

The Internet was used by governments in the 1980s and by the public from the 1990s. Today, it can even be the main source of income for people.indispensable in our lives came to a position.

To have internet at home, at work, at school or on your mobile phone, to internet provider you need to subscribe. Where do these ISPs get the Internet they distribute? We’ll answer this question, but let’s start with the most basic question first:

What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

We often hear the abbreviation in English. IS Pgood internet provider To give an example from Turkey TurkNet, Türksat KabloNet, Turkcell Superonline, Türk Telekom, Vodafone, Millenicom and others.

These companies give you a monthly They provide internet service for a fee.. However, their only function is not to provide internet services. ISPs also offer email services, domain retrieval, networking, and browser packages.

They do, how does this internet work? First we need to understand this…

To explain how the internet works on Reddit I want to use a great description I saw:

“I know you live in a suburb and in between two houses so you can get to and from your neighbor’s house faster. you build a shortcut Let’s assume. What if you wanted to get to someone else’s house using the shortcut you built? Or to the mall, to the school? This short road you have built must connect you to the main roads of the city.

To access the city roads in your own way after paying money Now you can reach the entire city using the shortcut you built in your friend’s house.

But what is that? Now your neighbor’s friend wants to use the special road you built to reach the city, and for this He offers to pay you money. If you accept this, you become an internet service provider.”

So internet Although it is a technology developed to provide information flow between two locations. later we can say that it is a network of roads whose stops have been multiplied and made accessible to everyone.

Let’s come to the main question: internet providers, where do they get internet from?

There are two types of internet service providers in the world, one is the companies that distribute within the country, such as Türk Telekom, Turkcell Superonline, which we know. Another is that the first type of ISPs get internet. backbone, i.e. basic internet providers.

Backbone ISPs build ‘pathways’ between countries, as we mentioned in the description above, and provide a basic connection. The internet providers who distribute to us pay these backbone internet providers just like we do. that’s where they get the internet from and then they distribute it to us.

So how do you take care of your own internet?

In fact, you can provide your own internet without dealing with an internet service provider. But if you try this, why not ISPs? You will realize that you paid so much money.

To provide your own internet, it will first take your connection and route it to the internet network. you must have a server. You can do this by purchasing the necessary hardware or by renting someone else’s server.

Then log in to the settings of the internet providers in your country. you need to get an IP address but unfortunately you have to buy it too. After doing this, you need to connect the server to your home to access the internet.

To also connect the server to your home you can lay your own fiber optic cables (which is extremely expensive, we are talking about infrastructure) or you can rent the infrastructure from another company. After this process, you can now start providing your own internet at home.

However, probably You have a debt with a debt of at least 6 figures. What’s the easiest way to get out of debt? You can rent your system that you have put so much effort into to others on a monthly basis, as a subscription system.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Slowly you become an internet service provider. In fact, let alone slowly, you even transformed! You’re off paying bills, but now you’re an internet service provider, good luck. Aside from this part of the job, if you don’t intend to become an entrepreneur, taking care of your own internet is not possible.

good To summarize briefly; There is a hierarchy of ISPs, and companies that provide us with Internet services do so by drawing lines from larger ISPs that are bigger than them.

We hope we were able to explain it in an understandable way. What do you think? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: Web Tekno



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