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WhatsApp video calls are better than ever with these four new features coming today

WhatsApp just announced a series improvements...

Maduro declared persona non grata in Argentina

Legislative Assembly of the City of Buenos Aires, the...

Legendary websites that we don’t even look at while passing our hours in the 2000s

Smartphone and internet use were not so common 15 years ago. Many people even own a smartphone. do not useThe era of communication by SMS was in full swing. Users who have access to the Internet spend most of their time. in common areas they were spending.

Now with you to time travel we will go out. We will take a closer look at websites that were once known to everyone, but have now been forgotten or lost their old popularity.

Websites that used to be used by everyone but are now forgotten or completely closed:

graph2000” laid the foundation of the current meme concept in the early 2000s. “Uncle Christmas”, as we all know, was one of the most popular content of graffiti 2000.

Uncle Christmas

The Grafi2000 team is now available for various content. they continue their work. Although he does a very good job, no work touches as much as the old one.

A video from the Uncle Christmas series:

In the years when there were no services such as Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music”my space“There was. The platform, which combines the understanding of social media with music, was unparalleled in those years…

my space

Now myspace not even readable.

When Tinder Didn’t Exist”yonja“Yonja, one of the most popular dating platforms in the world, brought millions together.


Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have reduced interest in dating sites. The dating site most affected by this situation was Yonja. Yonja-esque hi5 He also shared the same fate as his rival.

Forget all caps and nozzle flows. 10-15 years ago there was bobiler.org. It was one of the places where you could find the best edits in the history of the internet.


However, over the years, the popularity of the site has declined. The platform, unable to solve the problems it encountered, in 2021 decided to stop broadcasting.

In the years 2000-2010, the lack of widespread use of the Internet mainly affected users of MP3 players. Because it was very difficult to achieve music. “Forumezi” released new albums the day they were released for people to download.

All songs like “Get Go Baby”, “Ghost Girlfriend” were available for download from Forumezi. Steps for illegal useIt also brought an end to Forumezis.

We’ve been through the years where trying to be a hacker, not be a hacker, earned a bounty. Leaving those periods was “wardom”. Information about the hacking world was requested from the wardom.

Now as before unpopular Entering the forum, we witness that there are discussions about why Onlyfans has not been closed.

One of the oldest video sharing platforms in Turkey was “I Live With Applause”. The best videos used to be shared on this platform. Social networks were flooded with videos from I Live With Applause.

I live with applause

suffer the same fate as bobiler.org I live with applauseclosed in 2020 and buried in the dusty shelves of history…

Cracked software, movies, operating systems, music and more. The environment where every conceivable file is hosted”share quickly“used to be.

share quickly

If you do the right search on Rapidshare, which offers a similar interface to Google, whatever you’re looking for you would surely find. The platform now serves as a cloud storage service.

In 2010, a medium was founded that rewrote the rules of social media platforms. where people ask each other openly or anonymously.ask.fmWe talk about.


People here account FacebookThey would connect to Twitter or Google and provide links to those platforms.

people who love someoneanthologyThey came together in the ‘ and shared the poems and stories they had written.


anthology yet is actively used but it has lost its former popularity.

Movie download sites were very popular in the days when platforms like Netflix and Disney+ were not yet available. This time, however, we had a voiceover problem because the number of Turkish dubbing productions was low. “divxplanet” was a great place to find subtitles.

divx planet

The platform, which has made a decision in the past, has officially launched its services. finished.

All gamers in their thirties today,”KingGame“They’re sure of it. Hosting thousands of small games, the website was perfect for meeting the need for games when computers weren’t good.


KralOyun is still an active website. But are you looking at the face of the games within? In 2023 not much not possible

As a bonus, let’s remember some applications:

Bonus 1: MSN That Millions Can’t Forget! The software that combines social media and messaging: “What am I listening to?” It was a place where both the pain of love and happiness were shared. Everything you can think of about emoji, stickers and social media was available on MSN.

MSN era was good days. each other vibratesWe can video call…

Bonus 2: We used to try to download music using the application called LimeWire. However, the messages under the name MP3 usually contain pornographic images.


LimeWire has announced that it will once again serve as the NFT marketplace after a 20-year hiatus. The download function is complete It is cancelled.

Bonus 3: Winamp, in particular, was the shining star of the Windows XP era. We used to listen to the music we could download in Winamp and create playlists. Winamp, which offers its own animations, would work better than many software in use today.


Restart Winamp resuscitate for works are in progress. But do they have any effect? It doesn’t seem possible anymore…

So which websites do you remember?

Source: Web Tekno



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WhatsApp video calls are better than ever with these four new features coming today

WhatsApp just announced a series improvements...

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WhatsApp video calls are better than ever with these four new features coming today

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