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14 websites you’ll be addicted to once you get in

Smartphone and internet access are no longer a luxury for many of us. But most of all quality internet useIt is a very luxurious situation for users who cannot find time on social media.

In fact, there are such high quality websites that have been prepared with great care that after logging into these sites, how much does the Internet really feel? that you can use efficiently you will understand.

You can translate your voice into English with “Coqui”.


The artificial intelligence supported website will record your speech and translate it into English. How do you want your voice to sound? you can choose.

If you want to reach Coqui, here You can use the link.

With Radiooooo you can listen to music by year and country.


The website, which has a very entertaining interface, from the 1900s It allows you to reach the popular music of the period in time spans from 10 years to today.

to radiooooo here available through the link.

Nature lovers come here: on the Ocearch website you can follow the daily life of sharks and Caretta Carettas with tracking devices.


Itineraries of marine animals and their like how old are they You can also check out its features.

to Ocean here available through the link.

It is very difficult to maintain security on the Internet. If you want to know if an email address or phone number has been leaked before, “Have I Been Pwned?” only for you!

am i pwned?

When you enter your email address or phone number on the website, which has a very simple interface, the password is entered. exposed or hacked You can view the bills.

to Am I Pwned? here available through the link.

You may be familiar with today’s political world map. What about the year 3200 BC? Using the “GeaCron” website, you can go back to 3200 BC and explore how the world’s political map has changed over the years.


Geography and history buffs can see how time flies while browsing this website. they won’t understand.

to GeoCron here available through the link.

Don’t want to send a message to your future self? Regardless of the content, it’s a message that will make you happy, maybe sad, maybe proud when you come across it years later. You can email yourself in 10 years using FutureMe.


All you have to do is write what you want and choose time. After entering the e-mail address and telephone number, you cannot do anything. You will receive an e-mail written to yourself on the date you have chosen.

to FutureMe here available through the link.

Looking for something to pass the time? You can use the old operating systems and the oldest games in history like Wolfenstein 3D in your internet browser by using PCjs Machines website.

pcjs machine

Use this site even the calculator Let’s say you can run it.

to PCjs machines here available through the link.

In daily life we ​​use all kinds of products to care and look beautiful. On the website called EWG Skin Deep you can examine the content of products such as makeup and cream and investigate whether they are harmful.

EWG's skin deep

not only for yourself, that you use for your baby. You can also contact us for products such as shampoo or cream.

To EWG Skin Deep here available through the link.

Let’s say you need a short-term email address. You can create a fake website using the website called “10 Minute Mail”.

Email for 10 minutes

This is the website where you can create email accounts that you can only use for 10 minutes. in 10 minutes It also allows you to view incoming emails.

10 minutes to the post here available through the link.

Do you have a place where you want to go but you can’t due to circumstances? With “AirPano” you can travel the world with 360-degree photos and videos.

air pan

Ultra images high resolution Another advantage of the service.

to AirPano here available through the link.

Do you know what ingredients are in your cupboard but can’t call it dinner? You can get meal suggestions suitable for Turkish cuisine by using “Evdekililer”.

with people at home

Actually with people at home There are numerous websites such as The advantage of this site is that it offers suggestions for Turkish style dishes. When you use similar sites in different countries, you cannot get recommendations like menemen.

with people at home‘to eat here available through the link.

We were just talking about a site where we can send emails to ourselves years later. This time let’s talk about a service that we will leave to our loved ones after our death: “WeExpire”


Write a message you want to read after you die and convert this message into QR. Enter an e-mail address and set a departure time. When you want to open this QR code that you have shared with your loved ones, a notification will be sent to your email address. If you do not open this notification during the time you set, the system will accept that you are dead and open the message you wrote.

to WeExpire here available through the link.

If you like football and do not want to leave football, you can participate in online competitions on the website called Haxball.


The game has no advanced structure, but it is perfect to pass the time.

to haxbal here available through the link.

Whether you are in your room or in your business. You can choose “Mynoise” when you want to change the atmosphere of the environment. The website, which contains a huge database, allows unique sounds to be played in the background.

mine sound

The site’s database is so large that you probably won’t be able to find background sound you’re looking for.

to Mynoise here available through the link.

You can also suggest websites you know and love in the comments.

Source: Web Tekno



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