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TurkNet increased internet prices! Here are the new prices

One of Turkey’s most popular internet providers TurkNet, today released a not so pleasant update for its users. 139.90 for those with TurkNet infrastructure; The company that provides internet service to non-residents from 169.90 TL, announced the new fee as 249.90 TL.

The message sent to TurkNet subscribers stated that the new fee will be reflected in the February 2023 bill. In addition, another option was offered for those who want to experience less inconvenience from this walk.

10 months internet can be paid with 199.90 TL/month:

turkey net

If TurkNet subscribers do not want to pay a fee of 249.90 TL, they can prepay the internet charges for the next 10 months and pay the monthly charges. for 199.90 TL can use.

TurkNet: “Given the market conditions, we had to do a price update so as not to compromise on our quality”

Source: Web Tekno



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