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Features to be added to Twitch in 2023 announced: New ways for streamers to earn money

Twitch, the world’s most popular live streaming platform, shared a roadmap for the features it will bring in 2023. It covers many topics such as new features, ads, new options to monetize publishers.

The characteristics were addressed in an open letter shared by the company’s executive director Tom Verilli and Mike Minton. Accordingly, the innovations that will come to the platform will debut in the first half of the year. The duo said in their statement: “Our main focus for this year is, is the growth of both your communities and your revenue on Twitchexpressions were used.

There will be features to make the Ad Incentive Program easier

Some of the big changes that need to be made are ‘Advertising Incentive Programswill be in it. This program provides broadcasters with a reliable, stable, Ability to earn monthly ad revenue he knew. The main goal was to lighten the advertising load with preset advertising scheduling and automation. However, publishers criticized the current system for its complexity and lack of control over ads.

Twitch’s changes came after these complaints. According to Verilli and Minton, the program will be updated later this year, giving publishers the ability to adjust the number of ads. there will be more flexibility. It will also be updated to provide more visibility and control.

There are also changes to pre-release ads. For example, showing three ads per hour, disable all pre-release ads will provide. It was also mentioned that the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature will adapt to most of these ads, and publishers will be able to flag upcoming ads to notify viewers.

More ways to earn money for streamers will also be added to Twitch this year

Aside from this, Twitch also says it will provide publishers with new ways to monetize. ‘sound bites’ A new audio alert tool called money to pay will provide.

Some characteristics of sponsorship will also be tested. The platform says broadcasters can post their brands in messages, above chat, or elsewhere on the channel. In this way we will strive for a less disruptive and more interesting sponsorship experience.

Finally, the company is also looking for ways to create new tools to promote channels on other platforms. In this regard users Short video format like YouTube Shorts, TikTok export videos. Twitch also says broadcasters can pin up to 20 such videos on their channel.

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