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Confusing the Claim That “Discord Will Record All Our Conversations”: So What’s the Truth?

One of the world’s largest voice communication platforms Disagreementmade a decision that left users confused. Discord, which has kept user privacy at the forefront and has not tracked users in any way, has been at the center of discussions with a statement it recently made. In the statement, the platform 27 March It was indicated that starting today it will be moving to a new usage policy.

In fact, there wasn’t much of a problem with Discord’s new policy overall. However, there was a remarkable detail, according to which users “all content uploaded to the service“It would be stored and collected by Discord. Here stir up the controversy that was exactly what it was.

What exactly was “any content uploaded to the service”?


When first reading the phrase “any content uploaded to the service” in Discord’s new policy that goes into effect March 27 audio recordings, messages, emojis and all shared files can also be imagined. You’re right to think so because Discord doesn’t say anything clear on the subject. However, according to a Discord spokesperson, the event was complete It was misunderstood.

Speaking to PCGamer, the spokesperson said: “To be clear; Discord does not save or save user content without their knowledge.The spokesperson, trying to explain the change, said: future new features He stated that there may be confusion between the language of the current policy and the current policy, and they started using such an expression to avoid this confusion.

However, the statements of the speaker are not clear enough.


Since Discord has not yet made any announcements about the new features, the spokesperson’s statement is also completely correct. couldn’t understand. After all, for what new features can everything uploaded to Discord be recorded and saved.

Here’s a possibility: Discord’s use of live broadcasts”Go liveThe “Clip” feature may have a similar capability in Twitch in the future. In that case, Discord may need to record and process live broadcasts. However, Discord makes it clear that it won’t be monitoring all of its users’ data. It has to be shared somehow.

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