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Bing is already confusing Google users: more direct users than Google


After years of literally crushing its competitors like Bing, Yandex and DuckDuckGo, Google was seen as the leader of the search engine industry. However, in recent weeks, Microsoft’s forgotten search engine Bing with support for artificial intelligence things changed in an instant.

According to the latest information, the AI-powered Bing has become so popular among users in recent days More used than Google.

Google is still the long-term leader (but for how long?)

According to Reuters news, the new Bing has been exposed to an influx of users since the day it was made available with the support of artificial intelligence. As of March 19, Microsoft’s search engine, Reached 15% more direct users than Google, the market leader. The biggest reason for this is that users who use artificial intelligence support and are satisfied have permanently switched to Bing to integrate this system into their lives in some way.

It should also be noted that users who access the artificial intelligence system through the Bing button in the Microsoft Edge browser are also included in this percentile. So these numbers It covers all platforms, shortcuts and plugins where Bing is used..

While this meteoric rise of Bing holds promise for Microsoft, Google recently launched its own artificial intelligence search engine assistant. Bard has been made available for users to test.. Experts, who stated that Bing could lose popularity with Bard’s opening to everyone, said Bing could beat Google in the long run.40 bakery bread“He said it should.

It’s a matter of curiosity how Bing, which is getting more and more users every day, will interact with Google’s Bard system. It looks like a new”search engine warsWe will face.

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