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Dropbox and Google are ending their document editing partnership

Starting next month, it will no longer be possible...

Which port should we use on a gaming PC, Display Port or HDMI?

Modern personal computers are capable of generating enormous amounts...


An ancient statue of the god Pan unearthed in Istanbul Archeology Park

According to preliminary estimates, the statues are approx. 1700 years, which allows attributing it to the Roman period. Still, experts are in no...

Is time travel possible? What does science say about this?

The concept of time travel in popular culture often involves characters using elaborate devices or gadgets to travel to the past or future. ...

The necklace lost on the Titanic was pulled from the wreckage 111 years after the accident.

We said earlier that the Titanic was fully scanned in 3D. The world's most accurate digital replica of the ship will allow scientists...

Analysis of ancient arrows shows Neanderthals were very knowledgeable in chemistry

European Neanderthals knew how to cook birch glue (tar) 100,000 years before modern humans arrived on the continent. The sticky material was used...

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