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2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for a major invention in the field of nanotechnology

As reported 24 Channels, The winners of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry were: Mungi G. Bawendi - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge,...

Norwegian family discovers Viking Age burial site while searching for lost earring

The family lives on the island of Jomfrulann, and their findings were the first direct evidence of this. The island was inhabited during the...

If gravity pulls matter down, where does the antimatter fall?

Experiment detailsA new paper describes experiments conducted at CERN. It turns out that antihydrogen atoms (a positron orbiting an antiproton) appear. They fall...

Microplastic particles are found even in caves isolated from humans

In total, two studies were carried out, forming the basis of a major report. As part of this study, scientists used cave isolation...

Attosecond Physics: Why Did They Win the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics?

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to Pierre Agostini of Ohio State University, Ferenc Kraush of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics...

2023 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to groundbreaking experiments with light

Pierre Agostini, winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics, managed to create and investigate a series of consecutive light pulses, with each pulse...

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