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Inscriptions in a language unknown to science were found among ancient ruins in Turkey

Most of the excavated texts were written in Hittite, but recent research has shown that some tablets also contain writings in a previously unknown...

Alien life may be inorganic, not carbon-based: new study

At least that's what a new study led by senior author Betul Kachar, an astrobiologist, bacteriologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,...

A sunken temple full of treasures was found in Egypt

The temple, which was partially destroyed "during the disaster" in the mid-2nd century BC, was originally built for the god Amon. He was...

How are complex organic molecules born in space?

New laboratory research by Hokkaido University scientists opens the curtain of this mystery. Professor Masashi Tsuge and his colleagues have recreated the conditions...

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