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Even if you’re not cold, you’ll hug your pike tighter when you find out why you like sleeping with your clothes covered up!

Even if you’re not cold, you’ll hug your pike tighter when you find out why you like sleeping with your clothes covered up!

From a logical perspective, you might think that this habit of ours is seriously unfounded, because when we complain about sweat during the day, we go to bed at night. our tendency to cling to a blanket that will overwhelm us even more. quite surprising.

When one of us falls asleep, we make it a reflex to hide this behavior. why we insist on doing Let’s look at all aspects.

Although it is not possible to say that it is universal, the use of blankets is quite common.

If we take it historically, in 3500 BC Linen sheets in Egypt, cotton sheets in medieval Europe and wool sheets in the Roman Empire It was in the position of valuable household items that were used quite widely. After the Middle Ages, especially in Europe, the middle class began to buy bedding due to the increase in production.

Historian Roger Ekirch also noted that in Western European homes during the period the most valuable item is almost bedding and even newly married couples allocate nearly a third of the money they would spend to put up their home to these teams.

Linen bedspread from the 1800s

Before these types of covers such as blankets and sheets became widespread, they were used to warm up in bed. several people share the same bed or the same bed with some farm animals lie on the floor methods like

To this day, the number of bed studies is very small. The most notable of these was the compilation of sleep studies conducted in different parts of the world, published in 2002 by Carol Worthman and Melissa Melby.

This review basically omits that the time spent on sleep is one third of human life, It is a great loss that it is not studied as a discipline. It starts by emphasizing that

Through this work, people in the Equatorial region are scrutinized and, apart from the nomads, Almost everyone uses a veil in one way or another. detected. In different parts of the world, everyone prefers a cover in one way or another. Even in tropical climates such as Africa and Papua New Guinea, the sleeping ritual does not take place without a veil.

This cover is not just a blanket or pique. By the way, surprisingly plants is also used for this.

So why are we so insistent on using coverage in general terms?

Director of the Center for Sleep Disorders, Dr. Alice Highland behavioral and psychological It states that there are two different components that cause the need for coverage.

About 60-90 minutes before we get used to going to bed, our body temperature starts to drop and secretion of the hormone melatonin begins. In addition, a relaxation is felt when the body cools down. Contrary to popular belief, when body temperature rises, people feel more alert.

In a research related to the topic, when the body temperature drops a little, It is stated that the test subjects have a healthier sleeping process.

Our body’s ability to regulate temperature becomes quite complex at night.

For example, if a sleep period of 8 hours is taken into account, the body temperature drops on average by one degree in the first 4 hours. In the second four-hour period, rapid eye movements (REM sleep) are active and dreams begin to appear. a series of physical changes it occurs.

One of these physical changes occurs in the heat control system. On this point, Dr. Alice Hoagland has described the behavior of humans to regulate their body temperature by rolling over in bed. It resembles the heat regulation system of reptiles.

The reason why this situation is so called is that reptiles, lack of systems for regulating body temperature, such as sweating and shivering like mammals arises. Reptiles flee to cool shadows to control their body temperature or vice versa.find the reach below.

For this reason, instead of sweating and shaking like mammals during REM sleep, humans; move like lizardstries to regulate their body temperature.

Even in warm climates, temperatures often drop at night and the coldest time of night is before dawn.

It is characteristic of mammals that humans sleep in REM sleep in the morning. the heat regulation system does not work and they try to maintain their body temperature just like lizards. Although we know that we are never cold when we go to bed, we think we need a blanket in the morning for this reason.

In addition, we almost all agree about the relaxing effect of lying on the bed with a blanket or pike, but the need for shelter is more than that. During REM sleep, the serotonin in our body decreases rapidly As a serotonin neurotransmitter, it makes us feel happy and good while keeping us calm. also contributes.

Again, many studies on this topic reveal that sleeping with a heavy and thick blanket increases the production of serotonin in the brain. In other words The brain that doesn’t know what to do during REMwho helps blanket or pike on us.

From another point of view, pure conditioning is another element in the genesis of the need for covering.

A person covered with a blanket from childhood when he goes to sleep, involuntarily associates sleep and covering up. Just as Pavlov’s dogs get their mouths watering when they hear the bell, we actually begin our sleep process when we see the blanket.

Many studies over the past decade have shown that heavy blankets are on humans. calming effect has revealed. It is known that in the treatment of anxiety and autism, a type of blanket called an anxiety blanket is used that weighs about 13 kilograms.

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