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Disturbing details about bizarre surgeon’s controversial experiment trying to build a two-headed dog


While Vladimir Demikhov’s experiments may seem rather strange, he actually pioneered organ surgery and inspired the transplantation of vital organs. Although he conducted numerous experiments during his career, these two dogs are doing incredible practices contributed to his name being heard even more.

in addition to these It is also a matter of much debate whether it is ethical or not. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this experiment.

Vladimir Demikhov was one of the prominent figures in organ transplantation in the 1930s and 1950s.

During the period, Stalin established a number of secret medical facilities to conduct post-war organ transplants and life-extending experiments, and He began to support Demikhov.

Meanwhile, this scientist continued to perform heart and lung transplants between animals in his lab. When Demikhov’s colleague Prof. Dr. Performed by AG Konevskiy when the first dog head transplant was successfulDemikhov began to work in this direction.

The Soviet scientist chose two different subjects for this operation.

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One was a large German Shepherd dog, whom Demikhov named Brodyaga (Russian for “wanderer”), and the other was a smaller breed named Shavka. In this experiment Brodyaga would be the host dog, Shavka would provide the secondary head and neck. Again, the puppy’s head, shoulders, and front legs would be grafted onto Brodyaga.

Dr. Demikhov artificially gave this three and a half hour study to a dog. wearing a blood pump started. He then attached a second heart to a dog’s chest and removed part of the lung for the second heart. This second heart thus continued to beat independently of the original heart and held its rhythm for a while.

Because the transplanted dog was a puppy, the German Shepherd’s heart was able to pump enough blood in the first place.

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Each both heads could see, hear, smell and swallow after this experiment but there was no connection between the little dog and the German Shepherd’s stomach. For this reason, everything the little dog ate flowed down a tube to the ground.

Finally this two-headed dog, lived only four days. If a vein in his neck hadn’t been accidentally damaged, he might have outlived Demikhov’s longest-lived two-headed dog, which survived for 29 days.

Even excluding the deaths of dogs, it is possible to say that the moral implications of Demikhov’s experiment are highly misleading.

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Moreover, although in real life this head transplant seems to contribute to some progress in transplantation to keep these two dogs alive in the long run It has not yet been proven to be possible.

Based on the experiments of Vladimir Demikhov, French surgeon Dr. Alexis Carrel and her partner, American physiologist Dr. Charles Guthrie did the same for the two dogs. While this duo’s two-headed dogs show promise at first, died within hours and was euthanized.

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Most of the medical community today believes such broadcasts to be nothing but science fiction but there is always a possibility that it will become a reality in the future with the work of scientists.

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