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PC IS MADE OF PLANES and PLANTS? Learn how Lenovo makes its products recyclable


invited me Lenovo to go to the city of Raleigh in the USA, where the main complex of the company on the American continent is located. Lenovo’s headquarters is a giant campus with several labs and plenty of open space with nature in between. It was during this visit that I was able to check up close sustainable development initiatives from Lenovo as the topic of ESG has become a very important pillar for companies, especially large companies in the technology industry.

In the labs dedicated to sustainability research, I realized that things are different from what we are used to seeing: changes range from design products for service This processing from them. Materials chosen during manufacture more environmentally friendly and durableand which can be properly disposed of at the end of their useful life. And speaking of longevity, it’s clear that the idea is that they last longer and go against practice. “planned obsolescence” that we see more and more around.

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In particular, at the headquarters we can not see all the products, this is because Lenovo kept some products under development in secret over there.

During the visit, the designers explained how product decisions are made and how sustainability is emphasized. One designer cited the example of Adidas sneakers as inspiration, stating that “these shoes alone will not save the planet. However, we have challenged our creation process to find more sustainable solutions. Consider it a commitment to continuous innovation in sustainability.”

Lenovo, like other companies, is looking for a more sustainable future with reduced pollution and carbon emissions. They say they want to be completely carbon-neutral in their supply chain by 2050 and are the first PC and smartphone maker to reaffirm this commitment.”Net zero standardSBTi – Science Based Targets. This initiative is a collaboration between several global institutions, including the UN, to set climate targets. Since 2015, more than 1,000 companies have already joined the initiative.

But it is clear that the giant company must adapt on several levels in order to become truly sustainable. This includes everything from the production chain to the sale to the end consumer, considering the life of the product and its recyclability. In this video, I explain how the circular economy concept that Lenovo talked about so much during the visit works and show the innovation they bring to recycled and recycled products.

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