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‘Snow: Game of Thrones’ Creator Confirms Jon Snow Series, Reveals Production Details


We recently published information about the existence of a spin-off of the series game of Thrones which will focus on the character John Snowit didn’t take long George R. R. Martin – franchise creator Song of Ice and Firewhich arose game of Thrones — confirmed in his blog that the series is in development. George R. R. Martin spoke on his blog about the project and said that it is simply called “snow“and that it was his own idea Harington Keithactor who gave life John Snow in Game of Thrones.

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“Yes, the Jon Snow show is in development. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER story was pretty much right.” declared Martin.

The writer commented on other projects in development and considered snow as the fourth project in the live-action franchise in production: “Four successor series are in development on HBO. Three of them were revealed some time ago. TEN THOUSAND SHIPS, The Nymeria Show, directed by Amanda Siegel. SEA SNAKE, aka NINE JOURNEYS, with Bruno Heller. And Dunk & Egg, THE HEDGE KNIGHT or KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS, with a script by Steve Conrad I think some of them have been officially announced, other times the news has been leaked SNOW has been in development for almost as long as three more but for some reason it was never announced and never leaked…until now.”

Claiming he’s not authorized HBO to reveal more details, George R. R. Martin talks about the idea of ​​the project snow came from Harington Keith.: Looks like Emilia Clarke already mentioned that SNOW was Keith’s idea in a recent interview. So this part is out. Yes, it was Kit Harington who came up with the idea. It wasn’t released for release… but Keith brought them in too, his own team, and they’re great.”

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, production is in its early stages.

Martin claimed to be involved in the project, as well as in other productions: “There are a lot of rumors about my involvement or lack of it. I’m involved in THE HEDGE KNIGHT and THE SEA SNAKE and TEN THOUSAND SHIPS and all animation shows. Keith’s team visited me here in Santa Fe and worked with me and my own team of brilliant and talented writers/consultants to create the show.”

The author makes it clear that all projects are still in the script stage and there is no guarantee that they will all be released: “All four successor shows are still in the scripting stage. The drafts and adaptations have been written and approved, the scripts have been written, the scores have been given, the second and third drafts have been written. That’s all for now. works. Please note: nothing has been green yet, and there is no guarantee when or if it will… be on any of these shows. The likelihood of all four episodes airing… well, I’d love to, but that’s not how it usually works.”

Dragon House

While no new details of the series in production have been reported, Dragon House the premiere is approaching, the first season will be released on August 21 on HBO Max.

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The cast will Paddy Considine (“The Third Day” and “The Outsider”), who will play King Viserys Targaryen, Olivia Cook (Player #1) revive Alicent Hightowera Princess Rainier Targaryen will live Emma D’Arcy (Seekers of Truth) and Matt Smith (Doctor Who, Kron) will play the younger brother King Viserys and heir to the throne Prince Daemon Targaryen.

were ordered 10 episodes for the first season George R. R. Martin as well as Ryan Kondal are co-creators of the series, Miguel Sapochnik as well as Rayal Kondal are showrunners and will also be executive producers along with George R. R. Martin, Ron Schmidt, Vince Gerardis as well as Sara Lee Hess. shoemaker was responsible for highly acclaimed episodes game of Thrones as Battle of the Bastards as well as long night.

What do you think about confirming the existence of the series? Can you imagine what could be explored in a new production? Participate in the comments with your opinion.

House of the Dragon: watch the trailer for the spin-off series “Game of Thrones”
The series will premiere on HBO Max on August 21 this year.


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