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#RenameJWST: Campaign Accuses James Webb of Homophobia and Wants to Rename Telescope


O James Webb telescope attracted a lot of attention after releasing images of the universe with unprecedented quality. However, several scientists, astronomers and researchers took the opportunity to step up the campaign. #RenameJWSTdemanding that Hubble’s successor change its name as it would honor “LGBT phobia”.

The #RenameJWST campaign started in 2021. Before the launch of the telescope, a petition was filed to change the name, but nothing happened.

James Webb x Hubble: Compare Telescope Images
NASA has already released the first five color images of the JWST.

The person awarded was the second NASA director of administration whose name was associated with several Apollo missions during the 1960s space race. James Edwin Webb was US Secretary of State and would apply discriminatory policy towards the LGBTQ+ community since the 1950s.

It was part of the movement.”lavender fear” (“Lavender Threats”), which took place during the Cold War and, among other things, preached that gays and lesbians were a threat to society. As a result, people in the LGBTQ+ community have been harassed and expelled from public office.

On another occasion, this time within NASA, in 1963 James Webb would have also fired Clifford Norton for “immoral, obscene and shameful behavior.” The then director of the space agency suspected that the employee was homosexual.

In March of the same year, nature published 400 pages of NASA documents proving clear discrimination against LGBTQ+ people within the agency. According to the publication, “NASA has decided it will be policy to fire gay employees. During Webb’s tenure, they had the choice to make a decision or change that policy.”

The James Webb Telescope is the result of a 20-year collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Aerospace Agency. Last September, current U.S. Space Agency Director of Administration Bill Nelson stated that “there is currently no evidence to support a change in the name of the James Webb Space Telescope.”

Continuation after commercial

There was no other recent position on this case.

NASA has published new images of the universe taken by the James Webb telescope.
$10 billion telescope captures new color images

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