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The genetic supremacy movement among some millionaires, which consists of having many children 39 comments


Elon Musk in July of this year sent a tweet He prides himself on doing everything possible for aid to the demographic crisis After “having two more kids” with Neuralink executive Shivon Zillis. Musk, as always, talked about how he worked hard by referring to his personal speaker, his social networks. Help with the “underpopulation crisis”.

Leaked court documents revealed that the billionaire and Zillis’ children were born in November 2021. This was weeks before Grimes, now a father of nine, and his permanent partner, welcomed their second daughter. Musk is also the father of his ex-wife, writer Justine Musk, and twins Griffin and Vivian, and triplets Kai, Saxon, and Damian. Their eldest son, Nevada, died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) at 10 weeks of age in 2002.

Among other posts and comments, the businessman recently called “the birthrate collapse”. It is the greatest danger facing civilization.” Y praised extended families: “I hope you have big families and congratulations to those who already have them!”. But this isn’t the first time Musk has brought the subject up, and his obsession with global birth rates has become obvious. Yes, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants people to have more babies.

“There aren’t enough people. There aren’t enough people, I can’t stress it enough,” said the billionaire at a Wall Street Journal event, noting that low and rapidly falling birth rates are “one of the biggest problems.” The greatest risks to civilization.” “If people don’t have more children, civilization will collapse,” he said.

Recently, a Business Insider report brought up a phenomenon that has been developing in the upper echelons of millionaires in the tech and venture capital worlds for years. they want to save civilization by having many genetically superior children to take “control of human evolution”. These “pronatalists” as some call themselves, falling birth rates in developed countries such as the United States and most of Europe are leading to the destruction of cultures, the collapse of economies, and ultimately, the collapse of civilization.

It’s also a theory advocated by Elon Musk and other figures, such as Ross Dou or Joe Rogan and billionaire venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, who have talked about it in opinion articles in The New York Times. OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman was one of the first investors in Genomic Prediction. The openly gay is also investing in a company called Conception, a startup that plans to grow live human eggs from stem cells and allow two biological males to reproduce.

Meanwhile, Genomic Prediction is one of the first companies to introduce PGT-P, a controversial new type of genetic testing that allows IVF parents to select the “best” embryos available based on a variety of polygenic risk factors. “We are the Underground Railroad of ‘Gattaca’ babies and those who want to do genetic things with their children,” they said.

Obsession with reproduction and longevity

The obsession with breeding heirs is not a new trend: the elite have always sought to maintain their power and wealth through their descendants. But now couples are increasingly postponing or rejecting parenthood more and more, people like Musk are looking at Tricks to make big families possible in today’s society.

In the 2010s, the pursuit of longevity swept Silicon Valley, and mega-riches like Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, and Larry Ellison invested billions in biotech companies they thought could help them defy death. Peter Thiel is said to have requested a blood transfusion from Young, while Jeffrey Epstein (who also planned to impregnate 20 women at once on his farm in New Mexico) contemplated freezing his head and penis to resuscitate him hundreds of years later. He then said, “For the record, I’m not a vampire.”

However, not all families are millionaires and cannot afford a large family. And when exactly do such comments appear? Increasing numbers of people are deciding not to have children, referring to fears such as climate change and inequality. Morgan Stanley analysts explained in a July note to investors that “the move away from having children due to fears about climate change is increasing, affecting fertility rates faster than any previous trend.” To support their argument, they cited surveys, academic research, and Google data showing that climate change is accelerating birthrate declines.

According to The Lancet, 183 of the world’s 195 countries will fall below the replacement rate of about 2.1 children per woman by 2100. As we discussed earlier on Magnet, even countries that previously struggled with overpopulation, such as China and India, are now looking for ways to revive their birth rates.

But most experts dismiss Musk’s population anxiety and obsession, pointing out that international migration from countries with growing populations will help. balancing demographic inequalities. However, fearful of the economic impact of an increasingly aging society, governments began to take action.

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