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The inside of the coffin of the 2300-year-old Egyptian mummy who was very rich when she was alive has been viewed: you will be surprised!


New news has come out of Egypt that worries archeology enthusiasts. The sarcophagus of a mummy, now open for exhibition in a museum in Cairo, but never opened. viewed digitally for the first time. The mummy of an unnamed child, believed to be 2300 years old, between the ages of 14 and 15, is interesting. had the goods.

Scientists have to look inside the box x-rays they used. The rays used not only helped to understand who the mummy belonged to, but also made it possible to detect the objects in the coffin. Evidently 2300 year old corpsewas placed in a coffin with a white sandal. There was of course a reason for that.

The mummy was nicknamed the “golden boy”. So why?

At the examinations of scientists, the 2300-year-old mummy has been fully recovered. Golden amulet with 49 places they discovered. There was also a large gold mask on the face of the deceased. Experts dubbed the little boy the “golden boy” as a natural result of this.

*You can see the amulets buried with mummy.

According to archaeologists, the mummy digitally examined in Egypt is “Egyptian Book of the DeadHe was buried in accordance with the rituals in the “Edfu”. high status meant it was.

*The sandal that was placed in the coffin with the mummy.

BC 330 to 330 BC. The young man, believed to be around 30 years old, The causes of death were also examined.. The scientists concluded that it was likely a natural death. Because there was no problem with the body integrity of the corpse. Apart from this, any evidence to suggest that death may have occurred in an unnatural manner there was no trace.

When examining the mummy’s face, scientists found that the child had a small nose, a narrow chin and that he had partially open eyes and an oval face.

So what was the purpose of these 49 amulets and sandals?

Amulets were very common in ancient Egyptian culture and they had a purpose. in a similar way your sandals So much so that the reason why the mummy was buried with sandals was to ensure that the ancient Egyptians were clean and pious when they were resurrected according to the Book of the Dead. So the dying youth stands before his gods. correctly would be out.

A scarab amulet was placed in the young man’s heart. The purpose of this amulet is that when the day of judgment comes, your heart is was to keep him from contradicting. Another amulet placed on the tongue is that of the deceased after this to his speech it is allowed. The amulets placed on other parts of the body were also related to life in the afterlife.

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