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Apple Watches discovered to ‘predict pain’: Here are the results of research on ‘sickle cell anemia’ patients


With Apple Watches it is possible to detect heart rhythm disorders, measure the oxygen level in the blood and discover problems such as excessive sweating and thirst. For these technologies, which are similar to many smart watches and wristbands, Apple Watches reference character. The results cannot be used for definitive diagnoses, but those who wear this watch can detect traces of certain diseases in advance.

Experienced due to some kind of genetic disorder and those who have it must struggle with severe pain. a disease called “stratified cell anemia” Apple Watches can also be used effectively. This finding was made in a joint study by the Stanford University School of Medicine and the biotechnology company Evidation Health.

How does “the technology that anticipates the future of pain” work in Apple Watches?

Apple Watch Ultra training mode screen

Title 2The study used Apple Watch heart rate, activity level, and sleep data to determine patients’ pain levels. Apple Watch data, pain levels of patients with an accuracy of 84% could guess. The researchers say this data could provide personalized solutions for the pain management of patients with stratified cell anemia.

However, the “early pain detection feature” is not offered as part of Apple Watches or the watchOS operating system for now, and no application designed in this direction has yet been released. Currently this feature is only used by the research team, by analyzing data collected over hours can be used. However, using the results of these studies, Apple will soon be able to integrate systems with higher prediction accuracy into their watches.

The use of this feature in the analysis of data shows that this capability will soon be available on both old and new Apple Watches. In fact, it should be noted that Apple has not yet made any statement or update announcement regarding this development. blood measurement and other functions, such as heart rhythm tracking, are becoming part of such personal wearable technology functions as a result of similar research.

About sickle or stratified cell anemia:

  • Stratified cell anemia (diseased cell disease)is a hereditary bleeding disorder.
  • It occurs as a result of red blood cells deviating from their normal round shape and turning into a sickle (wedge) shape, which hardens and shrinks.
  • This abnormal shape causes blood cells to clog up the vessels and reduce their oxygen carrying capacity. This, in turn, can cause damage and pain to various organs.
  • It is most common in people of African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Indian descent.
  • It manifests with symptoms such as anemia, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and yellowing of the skin and eyes.
  • It can be diagnosed through prenatal testing and can also be diagnosed through blood tests, genetic testing, and other tests.
  • Managing symptoms can include preventing complications and relieving pain. A bone marrow transplant may also be an option.
  • Stratified cell anemia patients should take precautions such as regular doctor checkups, a healthy lifestyle, adequate fluid intake, regular exercise, and drug therapy to protect against complications such as pain, infection, and anemia.

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