Home Science Revolutionary discovery: British scientists have created a recipe for super-strong Martian concrete

Revolutionary discovery: British scientists have created a recipe for super-strong Martian concrete


It is very difficult and expensive to transport tons of materials from Earth to build permanent bases on other planets. That’s why scientists and engineers are developing methods of using local resources. Aled Roberts and his team have been working on the problem of making “foreign” concrete for years and have now come up with an innovative solution.

Super concrete from extraterrestrial materials

Star Crete It is made by mixing simulated Martian soil, starch, and a small amount of magnesium chloride. Laboratory tests have shown that the compressive strength reaches 72 megapascals, which is about twice the most common ordinary concrete grades. When using lunar regolith instead of Mars, the power exceeds 90 megapascals.

The team found that the starch found in potatoes could be an excellent substitute for blood albumin, which was used as a binder for concrete in their previous work. According to the calculations of scientists, approximately 25 kilograms of dried potatoes half a ton of building materialEquivalent to more than 210 standard bricks.

The StarCrete recipe involves adding a small amount of magnesium chloride, which significantly increases the strength of the finished material. This contribution was present in the team’s previous study, where they used blood plasma as a binder, and it was suggested that magnesium salt be obtained from tears. Now scientists note that it can be extracted directly from the local soil.

How can humanity use this discovery?

New technology could revolutionize not only space, but also floor construction. an initiative called DeakinBioFounded by developers from Manchester, it will deal with the development and commercialization of new technology. Adapted to world conditions, it will allow more ecological materials to be produced for construction and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with traditional cement and concrete production.

The team’s work is an important step forward in creating sustainable habitats on other planets and paves the way for future exploration and colonization. StarCrete is a testament to the potential to use local resources to advance humanity’s progress in space and on Earth.

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