Home Science Climbers pollute Everest with highly resistant microbes

Climbers pollute Everest with highly resistant microbes

Climbers pollute Everest with highly resistant microbes

Negative temperatures, strong solar radiation, and the strongest winds almost always prevail at these heights. Such conditions should kill any life, but American scientists have found a surprisingly large number of bacteria thriving here.

what is known

Genetic analysis showed what was found on Everest Staphylococcus and Streptococcus come from the human body. They are brought here by humans through saliva, sweat and cough, the germs are expelled from the body and eventually go out. Initially, these bacteria were adapted to live in warm and humid human bodies.however, it has completely adapted to existence on the cool slopes of the mountains, which are constantly exposed to strong winds.

Scientists note Samples were taken from a distance of about 170 meters from where hundreds of tourists camped each year.before reaching the top. High UV light concentrations and low temperatures at this location normally kill germs, but it turns out that some of the strongest can still thrive in such a hostile climate.

What interests scientists most is not the presence of microbes on Everest, but the fact that they were brought there by humans. This means Increased risks when developing new territories such as islands and caves on Earth or unknown terrains on other planets. If bacteria can live so easily in the icy hell of Everest, they can contaminate everything, even one person there.

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