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The planet is threatened not by overpopulation, but by a severe human famine


This time we are not talking about serious scientific research. Sebastian Detmers, head of StepStone, one of the major recruitment platforms, wrote an article for Insider in which he shared his vision based on observations.

what is the situation in the world

Detmers claims that everything seems the opposite – We are already facing human scarcity in the near future and this threatens global economic chaos.

Parallel to the population growth (recently reached 8 billion), the destructive processes to reduce its number continue, which will make itself felt in the next forty years. This concerns primarily prosperous countries with a high standard of living.

According to Detmers, improvements in healthcare, financial well-being, higher education levels and increased life expectancy It has caused a decrease in birth rates in developed countries and a consequent increase in the shortage of skilled labor.. The conclusion is simple: if no one works, then very soon many countries will have to forget about their former material well-being.

The decrease in the working population is inevitable. will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the economy.whatever the field of activity – production will begin to decline, jobs will decline, overall economic growth will decline and the population will start to get poorer.

According to the scientist, advanced technologies and new ideas can save the situation, especially artificial intelligence and robots, which can replace humans in routine tasks, will open up the opportunity for workers to get a good education and more professional training.

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