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An alternative theory of gravity reveals the secret of the expansion of the universe

The expansion of the universe observed by astronomer Edwin Hubble shows that galaxies are moving away from each other at a speed proportional to...

Tiny black holes could be used as a source of nuclear energy

Opening detailsOur universe is believed to be full of black holes, but they are not always easy to detect. The ones we found...

Hong Kong scientists have developed ceramics that reflect 99.6% of sunlight

As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, dependence on air conditioners has become a major reason for increasing electricity demand. ...

The imperceptible “clucking” of the ears coincides with the movement of the eyes and helps determine the direction of gaze

DetailObviously, such sounds cannot be heard by humans, so a special highly sensitive microphone is needed to capture them. It was placed directly...

Earth is ‘leaking’: water has seeped into the planet’s core, creating a mysterious layer of crystals

And apparently it was water that caused a mysterious layer to form around the Earth's core. crystals are formed. This happens thanks to the...

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